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Madame Ladybug

“Turn your period into an exclamation point!” Monthly delivery of pads, tampons, goodies and happiness.

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  1. Nancy

    Sadly this box is pretty good BUT I ordered a 3 month subscription in early December and did not receive the Christmas Box until I bugged and bugged the company. I received an apology but the “Christmas” box did not come untul the 3rd week of January. Then I asked about the Jan box which I did not receive on Feb. Now it’s the March and I feel like I have to get my box. Huge dissapointment. Sad because I probably would have liked this as an an annual subscription. I feel like they are just sending me stuff as they buy stuff after the holiday sale… bummer

  2. jennabutterfly67

    I love this company. I’ve tried a few of the other time of the month boxes but I would categorize MadameLadybug as the Louis Vuitton of period boxes. Customer service has been excellent and I totally recommend their Ultimate Indulgence box.