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LunaBabe Box is a one-of-a-kind monthly subscription box delivering the best in beauty, fitness, wellness, home, & everything in between. Every box is unique, just like you. The goodies in boxes will vary based on each individual subscriber’s tastes and hobbies. Which means boxes can include anything from cosmetics, clothing, arts & crafts to books.

99 per month

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  1. Ruth Happel

    I got an odd assortment of items that didn’t match what I specified in the form they had me fill out to show preferences. There were also some expired items, and nearly everything showed major signs of use or improper storage at the least, with scuffs and discoloration. Unlike many others, I was not offered any sort of refund, maybe since I complained. But I would rather be sure others are aware of the issues of this box than get money back and give a glowing review.

  2. Alyssa Sargent

    I ordered this box on July 3, 2018 and have yet to receive it. I was also then charged for the second box without even receiving the first. I have contacted the company three times and NO response.

  3. Laura Rose

    I got some wonderful things in this box. I got 3 floating rose lights for my hot tub, a fantastic summer maxi dress that I LOVE and it fits perfectly ( from Nordstrom and had a $80 tag), a sheet mask, a little cookbook about vinegar dressings, a pair of studs and a tiny hand sanitizer. I will use all of it. I asked for no makeup because I get boxy charm. However, they are a month late in sending the boxes. June box didn’t send out until mid July, July box wasn’t sent out in July. As it is a monthly box, I am not that worried about it, but expect to pay for a box 6 weeks before you get it.

  4. Sarie Gresehover

    This company has billed me three times and has never sent me a box. I have complained with no response for 2 months now. I have also submitted a BBB complaint to try and get the company to refund my money. Stay away from this company unless you want to pay for nothing.

  5. Tori Layne

    Just got my Lunababe box and it’s amazing! I guess they just relaunched again and I can say this is one of my fav sub boxes

  6. Candace Hart

    Really personalized!!!

  7. Marisol Lorent

    Got my Lunababe box today and I love it. They definitely have improved…