MLP BOX is a monthly subscription service aimed and adult/teen and children fans of the hit Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Each month bronies and fans of My Little Pony will receive a selection of officially-licensed My Little Pony merchandise  to add to their collection.  From t-shirts, to hats, cups, keychains, Funko figures, the MLP BOX will satisfy every My Little Pony nerd with only the best officially-licensed pony merchandise.

99 per month


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  1. Chelsey hattum

    Hi. I subscribed to the mlp. Box through cratejoy and never got my box, so I cancelled my subscription, I didn’t get my money back and I still haven’t got my box. I have sent more than one other email! Now I’m doing this. Where is my box? Or give me my money back! Or answer my flipping emails or something! You guys are the worst. Like, is this a scam?

  2. Ponylover333

    love this box and love my ponies