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Literary Vacation Club brings you a monthly reading experience to tantalize all 5 senses! We base all of our boxes on the concept of bibliotherapy – healing through literature – and by traveling to our different bookish destinations, you can relieve stress in a fun and effective way! All of the books that we send are lesser known and most cannot be found in bookstores, almost guaranteeing that you will not already have the book, and you won’t receive it elsewhere. You also receive items that cater to all 5 senses and connect to the book(s) and the theme to help create a 4D reading experience! We have two plans, “The Weekender” – 1 Book + an item to see + an item to hear + either an item to touch or an item to smell, or “The Holiday” 1 – 2 Books + an item to see + an item to smell +an item to hear + an item to taste + an item to touch + a bonus bookish item.
All proceeds go to help us sponsor Knitted Knockers, an organization that helps women with breast cancer.

99 per month

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  1. Airrie

    Please don’t waste your money on this box. I was super excited for my box. The first 2 boxes I got, were ok, a decent book and a few nice gifts, of the 5. The last box I received was so pathetic it went into the trash immediately. The month’s theme was Disney, so much potential. What I got was, for hearing: didn’t work, for seeing: a surreal post card of beauty and the beast, I could barely figure out what it was, for touching: a mint tin full of glitter and random junk, to “make your own Zen garden” Not a single thing to do with Disney, to smell: two makeup containers full of “smelling beads”, they had no smell, and the best of all to taste: a home made rice crispy treat, shaped like “mickey” dipped in chocolate, it was a random shaped treat with dry chocolate smeared on it, then loosely wrapped in tin foil, it was disgusting. The book is for YA book, that is terrible so far. I was appaled that someone would even send that junk, and try to pass it off a “subscription box”.

    They even lie on their advertising. If you want the full experience you end up paying over $30 a month for the 5 senses it advestises. For the cheap $15, it says on this site, you get 3 gifts. Don’t expect much from them.

    To say the least, I was dissapointed in my experience, I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I did. Save your money and get a better subscrription box.