Creepy Crate

A bi-monthly mysterious and creepy box packed with 5-6 wearables, home accessories, reading material, and more items inspired by true crime killers and horror movies. Each box will contain one true crime or horror ebook.

We ship every other month. You can also sign up for our 6- and 12-month pre-pay plans and save!

99 every other month

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  1. Aaron

    I jumped on this box right out of the gate, the items are awesome. I’ve gotten some really great stuff, however with that being said, their support is horrible! My second box, I changed my address well over 2 weeks before the shipped out via their online portal, it still shipped to the wrong address, they had to send me a replacement, I literally spoke to their one and only support agent who got my correct address. Again this month, updated my address again via their portal.. they sent my box to the ORIGINAL address, even though it’s been changed twice.. I want to love this subscription, but if they can’t improve their shipping system, I’m going back to box of dread