kifoodie is an Experience Box that every kid foodie should have. Each month you’ll receive a box packed with 6-8 products, artisan treats and themed culinary activity designed to inspire kid chefs and those learning to cook. No wrapping needed!

95 per month

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  1. P Schaefer

    The Kifoodie box subscription is not at all as described. I purchased a 6-month subscription as a gift for my niece and was unbelievably disappointed. Everything about this was terrible, especially the customer service. First, the box took forever to ship. Then, when it finally arrived, 6 boxes arrived in one month!?! I tried several times to contact Kifoodie customer service and did not receive a reply. I have finally gotten just ONE unhelpful reply to my repeated attempts to contact and still waiting for the issue to be resolved. Still worse, the contents of the box were simply a disappointing collection of snack items – nothing that my niece could use to explore her interests as a young cook. This is a terrible choice for a subscription service.

  2. Tammy Fitzgerald

    Extremely disappointed with the entire experience. I purchased a 3 month subscription in November 2017 as a Christmas gift for my child, but didn’t receive my order until Jan 30th (more than 2 months later). Problem doesn’t stop there. They sent me 3 sample boxes, all with the same thing and all at the same time, however, all that came in the box was sample packs of single-serve snacks. Two of the snacks expire in approx 1month. Contacted the company during my wait for the order 3 times via email as well as on their Facebook page, and no response. They only responded once I submitted a PayPal hold on their funds. They denied receiving any communications from me or any wrong-doing and proceeded to cite the retail cost of the 3 identical boxes I received (ALL AT THE SAME TIME). The freebie sample packs of snacks, brochures and nothing to do with kids cooking. Not even a recipe. Buyer beware. Customer service is terrible, and product is awful.