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Kampai Sake Box

Kampai Sake Box is a bi-monthly subscription box for Japanese traditional alcohol, Sake. Every box includes 3 premium Sake, drinking advice from Sake brewers, Sake cocktail ideas or food pairing suggestions, and a surprise item. You can enjoy this box for Sake flights with the information card contained in the box. Whether you’re a casual drinker or devotee, Kampai Sake Box promises to take you on an exquisite cultural journey, sip by sip! Ships only to California.

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  1. Sergei

    The box is prepared with a lot of care (it contains explanation on how to drink it and food pairing suggestions from the sake makers). I really loved the experience of opening the box, smelling the aroma of sake and learning about Japanese culture…almost felt like a short trip to Japan! I’d really recommend this box to anyone in love with Japan or sake aficionados in general!