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Juneberry Box

A lifestyle subscription box.  A bi-monthly subscription box for women, by women. You will receive an assortment of unique and beautiful accessories and products based on the selected theme.

50 per month

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  1. alpineprocleaning

    You can really tell that thought goes into each Juneberry Box! I just missed the deadline for June, but subscribed in August and was super happy! It had a great variety of items too! Makeup, some jewelry, stationary and more. The tea it came with was ok but was a “bedtime” tea to help you relax so very fitting with the theme as was everything else! Can’t wait to see more.

  2. Tina

    I love this box! I think its in Canadian because I was charged less :p!

    • Brandy

      We’re not sure when it will happen but over the next couple of months we will be able to put each box in its native currency and it will calculate the cost to you (exclusive of shipping and all that). I’m pretty pumped about it 🙂 But yay exchange rate in our favor! I don’t think I have it set up on this site, but if you happen to get an email notice of this reply, let me know. We’re actively working on bringing all the features online!