Jadey’s JUJU Meow Cat Box

Jadey’s JUJU Meow (Cat) Box is a quarterly subscription box that sends out goodies for cats, and their human. The box costs $42.99 for a one time box, or $59.99 for each 3 months. The box contains 7-10 hand picked, and ethically sourced goodies for cats, and they also include a human goodie too. The box includes superior treats, high-end toys, litter box product (an example is an odor eliminator), high-end supplement (an example is probiotic), a random cat specific surprise (may be a product or another treat), a surprise for the cat-loving human, and an entry to their bi-annual gift! Also, a portion of box proceeds and any donations are sent to legitimate 501 c3 pet rescue organizations.

99 per quarter

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