Intimate Postal

Every girl needs a sassy, sexy sidekick with a heart of gold and a drawer full of naughty fun, and you just found it! A monthly subscription service filled with sensual goodies and curated with women’s needs and bodies in mind, Intimate Postal is here for you.

Intimate Postal always seeks to deliver safe and ethical products that leave you feeling satisfied and healthy, taking out the potential discomfort or dissatisfaction that comes from substandard products.

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  1. lorna allende

    Desde abril compre el paquete de $10.00 y nunca lo recibí. Espero q me puedan resolver he escrito pero lo q me decían era que esperara por el problema del covi 19

  2. Brandon Chism

    I subscribed six months and the first three have all been awesome. they were all high quality products that were worth more than $40. Also every box has a theme which is pretty cool. Its a great surprise I look forward to every month.