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I’m The Chef Too!

Get ready to embark on an edible adventure with I’m The Chef Too! that allows children to discover, inspire, question, create, and invent all through the world of cooking! Each surprise adventure includes 1 educational recipe, 1 STEAM activity, dry ingredients, & specialty supplies. Kids can bake and craft their way through their favorite topics!

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  1. Matt

    Be careful with this company as they didn’t send one of our boxes and it’s proving difficult tracking someone down to fix the issue. The responses we have received stated they’ll send out another box but they never followed through. I’ve seen other reviews regarding similar issues with skipped boxes and poor communication.

  2. Brittany

    I ordered this subscription a month ago and have yet to receive a box. When I contacted customer service on Facebook because it’s impossible to reach anyone, I was given a tracking number to someone else’s account and I would get my box Friday. Once I pointed this out because they neglected to get any information from me I was told there are two people with the same info as me and that my box would be shipped today (a month later). I was then told by a rep that the reason for the “delay” was due to a merge in their system and they sent out emails on 10/6/22. I never got this email and checked several times. I asked them to produce this email to me that was sent and they could only show a screenshot that was sent to “everyone”. A tracking number to my processed box or email could not be produced. I was then told I would get a refund and the box anyway, at this point I don’t even want the box. They stated the refund was on my account – I checked my account it’s not there & I would get an email when it was processed. In my experience when you get a refund the company will process it right away.

    I should have read other reviews prior to getting this box because it appears others have had a similar experience. It’s funny because about a week ago I had fraud on my debit card and I thought it was an atm I used but now I wonder if it was this.

    This doesn’t appear to be a legit company and I wished I did more research. What prompted me to even look for my box info was because when o went to go sign in my account it stated my account didn’t exist and I had to re open it. Just very odd. I do not recommend.

  3. Micah

    Placed our order on September 5 based off a Facebook ad. Figured we’d be getting the September box. We didn’t and this week I got notification that I was going to be charged again on Oct 5. I reached out via email figuring this was just a glitch of some kind and asked for either a refund for the payment that yielded no product or a skipping of the second payment. Got back a “as per our website” email that this is a feature not a bug. They seriously expected me to make two payments before receiving literally anything in the form of merchandise because my first payment happened after the first of the month. The email said if I wanted to not pay the second payment I could cancel my subscription, so I did. This is bananas policy and I can’t imagine it will make the company successful for long. On their Facebook page, there are tons of comments just like this where people are legitimately concerned and confused that they haven’t received their monthly subscription after more than a month. Guess they haven’t gotten their “as per our website” email yet.