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Igourmet Platinum Cheese of the Month Club

Are you or someone you know obsessed with cheese? If so, consider taking the leap into our Platinum Cheese of the Month Club. This club is for those formaggio lovers who relish a strong, robust blue, a ripe, runny Roucoulons, or the earthy aroma of a stinky Chablis Chalancey. Compared to our traditional Cheese of the Month Club International, the Platinum Cheese of the Month Club will feature stronger cheeses, with complex profiles, and spotlight different farmhouse cheeses that have received AOC or DOP status. These rare, hard-to-find cheeses are not for the faint of heart but we’ve found them to be tantalizing favorites that we can’t help but share with the world. This is also an exciting gift for that connoisseur friend who’s always snooping about for a tasty new treasure.

99 per quarterships monthly


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