Delivering what we all need most… hope! We carefully select each month’s assortment of 10+ renewing, uplifting goodies handmade by creative artisans who have their own inspiring stories of hope and healing. And every box includes a heartfelt, comforting, and encouraging message. Want to write a personal note? We can help! Hope is on the way.

99 per month

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  1. Jennifer Talbert

    I considered whether or not to purchase this box for a few months, and when I was feeling a bit down and needed some HOPE I decided to go for it! I’m glad I did because it’s become my favorite box. I have many personal issues going on, along with financial constraints, but I still treat myself to this box every month. I love the crochet character and hope stone, the jewelry, tea, and soap goodies are a bonus. Initially I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the hope card because there is a subtle religious theme, and I usually avoid that when choosing a box. However, I have found a renewed sense of faith and hope and look forward to these little messages. This box is truly one of a kind, and I highly recommend it 🙂