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Receive a seasonally appropriate & carefully curated DIY Project each month you are a member. Start replacing store – bought, sometimes toxic items in your home, with safe, all-natural & fun alternatives. Enjoy the process!

Formerly Homegrown Collective.

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  1. Jenielle

    SCAM! Did not receive did not receive boxes, no response and contact info no longer works.

  2. Karrie

    Terrible company. No service. Box came late and had broken ingredients and will not respond to emails or phone calls.

  3. jeromie

    I get charged 3 times a year for a product that never comes. I have called multiple times, left multiple emails, Facebook messages, etc with no response. I have yet to receive a product. I contacted the BBB but without an address I cannot file a complaint. Does anyone know where this company is based out of?

  4. Steve

    DIY Collectives is a scam. I’ve paid for 4 months of boxes and received none of them. They are unresponsive to e-mails and phone calls. The only correspondence I received from them was the initial automated e-mail confirming my subscription, containing a link to a USPS tracking number which showed that USPS never received the package, and the invitation to manage my account. Naturally, the invitation link to manage my account was “expired”, so I’m unable to cancel the subscription.

  5. Lisa

    BEWARE – SCAM: I paid for a full year and only received two boxes. No replies to emails or phone calls. Started the dispute process on my credit card.

    The concept sounds amazing and looks amazing – you will NOT receive the product though!!

  6. SCAM


  7. Edward Hansen

    Scam. Don’t do it. They only ship something when you contact them to complain about not getting anything. I ordered two gift subscriptions and they sent a total of 3 shipments. 2 to one and 1 to the other.

  8. Randy

    I paid for a full year for my wife. I got 3 boxes instead of the 12 I was promised. This is such a scam. I have called them 3 times and they will not return my calls. Can we start a lawsuit against this company? It seems that they are ripping off a lot of people.

  9. Jessica

    This company “DIY Collectives” just changed their name! They were called HomeGrown Collectives”, they have BEEN SCAMMING people for years! and some how they still are up and running. They need to be shut down ASAP!

  10. Jack Wolf

    Agreed. DIY Collective is a scam. I have paid for a year and I now missing 2 months worth of boxes with 8 months to go. They are unresponsive to Email, phone calls and facebook messages. The only thing I have received from them regarding the missing packages are a USPS shipping notification that simply says the packages hasn’t shipped. Please save yourself some money and shop elsewhere.

  11. C

    Please be aware that this company (also know as Homegrown Collective), has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and has NUMEROUS complaints against them claiming that they withdrew money from people’s accounts/charged their credit cards without permission, and that they have accepted people’s payments for subscriptions and then never sent them anything.

  12. Emily Smith

    This is the worse subscription I have ever had. I cancelled my order. I had it for almost 5 months and only received 3 boxes. There would be things missing from my box and my husband would email them and they said there would be a replacement sent. 2 months later nothing. I still haven’t received April and they told me that it was sent.. 3 weeks ago. I don’t recommend this product to anyone!! My husband bought me the subscription for Christmas. It was great because when I opened my present it was already here. When all of items are in the box and I don’t have to wait 2 months for my monthly box its great.

  13. BenandNaomi

    Unfortunately I have to leave a low review for DIY Collectives.

    The projects look great but their consistency at shipping new projects monthly is just not there.

    I bought the subscription as a gift for my wife in December and we received our first project early January. I had to contact them in February about the January project, they shipped it the next day with apologies.

    Now almost two months later we still haven’t received February or March’s projects, their website hasn’t been updated with new projects (which should happen monthly).

    I would not recommend spending on this monthly club as they have not been delivering. I would like a full refund and have reached out to DIY Collectives.

  14. Aman

    This subscription is a scam! they send you the 1st month, and then you never hear from them again. I have sent an email every month asking where my box is, and not once do they reply. I have disputed the charge with my credit card and I suggest no one else subscribe as you won’t receive what you paid for.

  15. im durr

    it’s hilarious how nobody ever got the boxes they paid for, this company is awful. thankfully i live in the same city so I’ll pay them a visit in person to get my refund. I can’t wait to see them hit with a class action lawsuit

  16. Sylvia Anderson

    This place is a scam. I paid for a 6 month subscription as a gift. The first box did not send, I had to follow up before they sent it. It got lost in the mail and the second box also never sent. I have emailed numerous times and gotten no response. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  17. Fletcher

    Fantastic DIY boxes. Our daughter Ruby loves to create the projects inside – she gets excited every time they arrive. Really thoughtful with lovely presentation too.

  18. Lauren

    This is a scam. Paid for a full year and they sent me one box. I’ve emailed repeatedly and no one answers. I’m hoping I can get the charges reversed on my credit card. DO NOT BUY. You will get nothing.