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The GQ BEST STUFF BOX is a quarterly subscription box featuring the things we love—rigorously tested and loved by GQ editors. It includes our favorite electronics, grooming products, and accessories—every box valued at over $200 each (a total of over $800 in value per year)!

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  1. Curtis A Wilson

    I enjoyed the first 3 boxes. Each had something of value… a nice throw blanket, some nice sunglasses, etc. Even though I had issues redeeming some of the items, what I got was worthwhile for $50 (not more, but worth that amount). Received the fall box today… a few sample sized items I can get for free at CVS or Macy’s and a plain t-shirt I have to order…. what about that is worth $50. What in the world would make me spend $50 on absolute garbage that I don’t want. Basically… they tried, and missed, and this month gave out the leftovers. I cancelled. It was barely worth it, but worth it for the surprise.. now I know they literally give out samples as a gift. What got me… their best item was a free month to HBO max… which is free anyway.. whats the point. Skip this.. its gone downhill.

  2. Carol Corbett

    I went online today (11/18) to check the status of the shoes I ordered back on 10/9 and it showed that the order was cancelled on 11/8. No email from them, no explanation and it is IMPOSSIBLE to reach them.
    GQ was NO help, only saying that they will no longer do business with them.
    HORRIBLE customer service on both ends.

  3. Gustavo

    Terrible service – I ordered the fall box in September and here i am in November. It never came. Each time I called customer service it was the same excuse. Sorry it looks like there is an issue with your account and it never shipped. I will make sure it gets shipped now… 3 months later. NOTHING. Asked for a full refund, we’ll see if that takes 3 months too.

  4. marksudak

    Terrible box all around. And products are meh at best

  5. Chef Frank J. Kaspar

    WHERE IS MY BOX? you’ve got $201.00 of my dollars. I have not gotten anything, DAMN

  6. Chef Frank J. Kaspar

    When am I going to get this best”STUFF” box, My goodness this is frustrating. Hope you are using the Postal Service, The other carriers jut put it on the sidewalk. Come on, get it here or cancel and refund the $201.00 for the 4 boxes.

  7. Dara Guiney

    @GQ after losing my account, @GQ charged my account on April 16th and mailed package April 25th, it still has not arrived. Called customer service and was told to call the post office. Customer service was rude at best. Unacceptable. Cancelled all future orders after being a customer for over a year. Buyer beware. Worst subscription service yet.

  8. KatS

    This box drives me crazy due to the non-existent shipping schedule and complete lack of communication or info. I pre-ordered the annual subscription in November 2017 with the first box due to arrive in January 2018. To be a quarterly box, they should have sent out boxes in January, April, July, and October. So far I’ve received boxes in February, late June, and mid-September.

    My husband didn’t like the first box much but thinks the last two boxes have been much better so I may continue the subscription, but I do not recommend prepaying for an annual. They bumped the annual price up from $150 to $190 so you only save like $10 – not worth it.

  9. Aaron

    The actual stuff wasn’t too bad but sending me a Gillette Sensor Razor and Dove Spray-On deodorant to help inflate the value doesn’t help… If you’re going to send me “throw-in items” at least make them unique ie not something I can get at Target, Walmart or the local drugstore.
    Shipped about a month late with 0 notification until it was already about 2 weeks late. Now I’m still waiting for the 2nd one to be shipped but luckily they’re soliciting for NEW orders, maybe they should focus on shipping the ones that already have been order before worrying about new shipments.

  10. Wynn

    The first box was pretty good! It wasn’t quite $200 worth of products as advertised so I hope the second box will be great. The boxes are supposed to be shipped every quarter but the first box was late and now the second box is late. Too bad GQ can’t keep in touch with everyone about their shipping schedule.