God’s Glory Box

We are the subscription box for Christians! Each month we search the internet for the high quality, most talented Christian artists and creators, then we ship their products to your doorstep with FREE shipping! Then we donate 5 meals per box we ship to FeedingAmerica.org!

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  1. Mary martin

    I ordered. My box on May 28th by June 13 I still never received my box and cancelled my order. I was never refunded for the box I never received. I would not recommend them

  2. Joyce Green

    I am making this review with no malice intended. I received my Box yesterday and couldn’t wait to open it up. The first item out of the Box is a green T-shirt. I’m sorry but I don’t wear T-shirts. Especially T-shirts that look like a man’s. And I don’t want to give them away either. I also found 2 notecards with envelopes. Ho-hum. The bracelet was pretty. There was a slim book in the bottom of the box. It was written and published 10 years ago. Really? All for the great price of $29.00! Seriously? I cannot justify spending that much money on a monthly basis for the items I got in this box. I could give my dollars to Missions or to Samaritan’s Purse and get a much better return. I will be cancelling my subscription. Thanks for letting me try it out but I think I will pass on this.

  3. Connie Clark

    I was very disappointed in the box I received. Definitely NOT worth the money! I definitely do not need another little tote bag and the book is probably from the dollar tree. What a rip-off. Why use God to steal from people?

  4. Diane

    Total ripoff! Little 4×6 box with nearly nothing in it. 2 chapsticks, 2 little pocket books and a cheap shopping bag. For $29?? And no refunds for the multibox subscription. Shame on them for using God to scam people! That’s ok, GOD SEES.

  5. Carol Donovan

    I love my box’s they make me happy!