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Gobstone Alley

A box filled with magical muggle things. From 12 up to 15 items from potterverse in each box. Each box is having at least 1 wearable thing and at least one geek toy. Our muggle things are mostly hand made, hand crafted and tossed with MAGIC and personalized to your choice.

You can pick your Hogwarts House, size and style, so we will be able to prepare something you will be able to wear proudly, not only collect and store.

00 per quarterships monthly

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  1. Lucy

    Didn’t send the box and haven’t replied to multiple emails. I give up. Horrible experience.

  2. Theresa

    I’m giving two stars because I enjoyed the things in the box … when it finally arrived. The August 2018 box didn’t arrive until October. I had to send multiple emails to get updates about the August box and now I’m sending multiple emails about the September box. After this box arrives I’m done with Gobstone Alley. Such a shame because they really do have quality products. It’s their business practices and communication that needs help – a lot of help.

  3. Angela

    I’ve ordered 3 boxes from this company. The June box and anniversary box were, oh, over a month late. I ordered the September box. Still waiting. It’s November 7th! Really Gobstone Alley? Their customer service email does not get answered. Why don’t they just skip a month so they can catch up?
    Why the 3 stars? I love my boxes I got so much. I wish I could get every month.
    I wish the shipping to the States wasn’t so high. I have repeatedly asked if they could ship two months together which brings shipping costs way down. Of course, no answer.

  4. Brittany

    Never received my box and will not reply to emails concerning the matter. They are crooks, absolutely do not waste your money.

  5. Jaime Greenlaw

    I ordered a October box and have been given the run around about it’s status since day one. It is now the first week in December and the company is ignoring both dm’s and public outreach via social media. This week they started shipping holiday boxes while they still have several months of regular boxes left unshipped. In the three months I have dealt with them they have given wrong information and outright lied about shipping. This company clearly has zero issue taking your money and not delivering your product, Truly deplorable!

  6. Nate Sherman

    NEVER again! We placed our order in September. It is December and we are still waiting. Everytime I send an email, I receive a “sorry for delay, we will send this week with tracking #” – Then nothing. Total ripoff!

  7. Monica

    I purchase a box in September and it is now December and they have still not delivered. I sent them an email basically every week and they kept telling me “it would ship next week” except that day never came. Finally I received a traking number, except it has been “ready to ship” for two weeks now. I sent them an email asking for a refund and they never answered. Eventually I had to go through paypal. Just so you see if for yourself, take a look at the comments on their instagram page. It seems that this is the rule and not the exception.

  8. Patricia Morgan

    DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM GOBSTONE ALLEY!! Ordered 2 boxes in early October & not yet arrived, won’t be in time for Christmas.
    Deplorable customer service responses to queries.

  9. Eric Gillespie

    I ordered Oct. 24th. I did not receive a notice of when the box would be shipped. When I asked customer service, I was given a snarky reply that my box would ship between Nov. 24-27 per “the shipping agreement”. I live in the US and expected a longer wait, but have yet to receive an update or email other than a shipping label created in Poland! This was a pivotal Christmas gift that’s now wasted. $72 for absolutely nothing. If this rinky-dink operation can’t fulfill orders, simply cap the amount you can’t safely handle. Pitiful. I’m leaning towards a scam.

  10. Katarzyna

    I ordered two October boxes at the beginning of October and starting from the end of October asked continuosly when will they be shipped. They were postponing delivery week by week. At some point GA informed me about advent calendars and when they will be shipped (I asked earlier for that information). I decided to share that news with other clients (on INSTA) and added my own comment, that they will postpone other boxes thanks to calendars, which was true – it was 25th of November and they started to send October boxes around 14th of December. Of course, they sent Advent Calendars before sending October boxes (there asre still some people who did not get their October boxes). After that I asked GA again about the date of shipping 10th box. Finally, on 6th of December I have written long email in which I was asking them to be HONEST with their clients and inform if they are going to send October boxes before the end of this year especially since GA decided to put Christmas box in the shop (and there was a big chance for postponing normal boxes again). The same day without any information they decided to give me my money back. Asked what is the reason for this action, GA didn’t answer. My friend-for whom was the other box – has also written GA an email and they finally answered her. Long story short, they decided that my actions were offensive and they won’t sell me anything in the future. They also erased my comment and blocked me. It is totally baffling considering that their customer service is basicly non-existent – getting an answer to one out of ten emails sent? They use their customers to inform other customers about the progress of boxes. Also, let’s not forget that they ban people for negative comments, erase the comments, disable commenting under new posts – that is how they sweep their priors under the rug.