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Every month, FlightCrate delivers an incredible box of flying excitement direct to your door or mailbox. With every month being a new, unique theme, you never get the same thing twice. Each box holds exciting aviation goodies from some of the top brands in the aviation industry, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Cessna, EAA, Sporty’s, Airbus, and more!

Each month FlightCrate also features an aviation-related charity that is helping further the cause of aviation in the communities we live, in by donating $1 for every FlightCrate shipped that month to their cause! Its just our small way of paying it forward to the community that we love being a part of.

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  1. Elsa Spencer

    I would not recommend subscribing to this box… Of the 3 months I was a member I only recieved 1 box. The first month I was told I wouldnt be receiving the box because they were revamping and that I would receive a gift card as a “return” to use on future boxes. Then I was charged a second $36 for the following box (now $72 in total) with still no box. Finally at the very end of April after pestering the guy with emails. I get a late response and he says the box was mailed out. So at the beginning of may I finally recieve a first box after being charged twice and about 2 months after I initially subscribed. Right after I am charged a 3rd time for the may box which comes out of the gift card (my money “returned” to me as a gift card) boxes are supposedly supposed to ship out the 26th of every month but it is now June 8th and I HAVE NOT received a may box. I have emailed this guy countless times with no return. Finally cancelled my subscription just before I could be charged AGAIN… But still havent heard anything. Ive asked for my box or my money returned to my actual card… But nothing. I plan on filing for fraud by the end of the week if I don’t hear anything from the seller. This is absolutely ridiculous. I payed money for a product that I still haven’t received. It is huge scam if you ask me. A great way to steal your money.
    What an unfortunate thing to happen. A great idea handled by incompetent and selfish people…

  2. Elsa Spencer

    Subscribed since march and have only recieved one box at the end of April but charged every month… Have emailed every day this week asking about the May Flightcrate I paid for but never received… NO RESPONSE. This has been nothing but a bad experience… I want my money back but doubt I’ll get a refund considering there has been no response from the seller. Would not recommend this subscription. There is no consistency and bad communication from the seller. So unfortunate… My husband is OBSESSED with aviation and I really hoped this could be something special for him…. Such a disappointment.