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Felicia’s Attic will take your survey answers & search every corner, drawer, cupboard & even under the furniture to find unique items that you will enjoy. Your box will not be a one-size fits all; it will be curated just for you! You will receive gently used books, dvds, or music, a craft, Attic trinkets, snacks and a beverage.

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  1. Caitlin

    This box is everything I hoped it to be. From first opening it, I was impressed with the obvious thoughtfulness Tina puts in her products. Each gift was perfectly wrapped, and she even included a sweet note! Box included 2 novels, a word search book, some tea lights and a holder, a bookmark, purse, tea, chocolate bar, and brownie mix. Enough for a fun lazy weekend in 🙂 I can’t wait to receive my next box!

  2. Becky Ditto

    I came across the Felicia Attic box one night while I was searching for a book box (since I am a high school librarian). When I read about Felicia’s Attic, I knew I had to give it a try! Let me say that I LOVE thrift stores, so when I read that some of the items were gently used I knew it was right up my alley. When I received the box, I could tell that someone had taken great care in packing the box. I even found a handwritten note!

    My box contained the following:
    A soft black scarf
    A hard cover book
    A paperback
    Coloring book + colored pencils
    Chocolate bar
    Bread mix
    Hot tea
    A purse
    Book mark

    I was very pleased with everything I received! I really can’t wait to see what my February box contains. (*Note* Although the non-edible items were gently used, any food products were definitely new)

    • Amanda Bezet

      I’m a librarian too (academic) and just received my first box. So much fun!

  3. Amy

    I really loved this box. I answered a few questions and the box I received could have come from an old friend, it was so perfectly suited to my tastes. The package itself was wrapped. On top there was a handwritten note of thanks. Everything inside was wrapped, making it feel like a box of very special gifts. I received some cute note cards, some Valentine’s Day pencils with a sharpener, some upscale tea, brownie mix, some tea cookies, a fantasy book, a DVD romantic comedy, a blank journal, and a good quality makeup travel bag. I look forward to the treasures I’ll receive next month!

  4. Amanda Bezet

    Wow! My first box was so much fun! I really looked forward to receiving this and it definitely lived up to my expectation. The items are truly things that I would have selected for myself in thrift stores (or new in the case of the snacks/tea). My box contained a non-leather purse (hooray!), bird candlesticks, a tea infuser (which I desperately needed), Jasmine tea, roasted fava beans (never tried before!), note cards, a paperback thriller (never read it!), a suspense movie, a bookmark, and some cute Valentine’s bonus items. I’m so pleased and can’t wait for next month’s box! Felicia’s Attic definitely pays very close attention to your preferences. I highly recommend!

  5. Taylor balfe

    Loved loved loved everything that came in my first box and cannot wait for upcoming boxes

  6. Vanessa Jewell

    I got this box on a three month subscription for a friend of mine, and I was a little nervous because I had never done anything like this before, but my friend received it yesterday and was thrilled. She received gifts specialized to her and could not stop gushing over it

  7. Lanette Douglas

    I was so excited to get my first box, it was like opening a special gift packed just for me. I loved the activity… writing letters to my loved ones. I got a book which has been a page turner, a DVD of Stephen King films, brownies, latte mix, stationary, book mark and an adorable clutch. I had so much fun opening everything.

  8. Shannon Taylor

    I’ve received this box twice now, and I love it, love it, LOVE IT!! There are always so many adorable surprises. Everything- from the items themselves, to the packaging, to the customized notes- is so wonderfully put together. It is obvious that Felicia’s Attic puts a good deal of time and consideration into each package they ship. Outstanding job, Felicia’s Attic!!

  9. Jennifer

    I just received my first box and I loved it. Everything is individually wrapped and the gifts were true to my preferences on the survey. Among other things I received a John Grisham novel, purse, puzzle book and snacks. I can’t wait to get my next one.

  10. Amanda Bezet

    This is my second Felicia’s Attic box and it was just as fun and interesting as the first! The March box included two interesting books, one of which I never knew existed. I’m definitely excited to read both. It also included: a cross stitch kit (haven’t done that in years!), four bags of tea (Lady Earl Grey is one of my favorites!), shamrock socks, trail mix (yum!), napkins, vintage salt and pepper shakers (classic!), a coin purse, wine charms, and a pin. Everything was wrapped perfectly. I have one more month in my current subscription, but I certainly plan to continue beyond that. You never know what treasures will await you!

  11. Jennifer S

    First glance

  12. Jennifer S

    Just got my first box, which I totally Loved. My friend mentioned she was trying this box out, so of course I had to give it a try. It did not disappoint. I filled out the survey and was surprised how the box was spot on to my liking. Got a book, new socks, a bag of coffee, some Hershey mini chocolates, cookies batter, note pad, a purse, dvd, and a perfect circle board. Im sure Ill use everything. Definitely worth getting. Will continue the subscription

  13. Stacey

    Just got my first box. At first I was a little sceptical about it, wasn’t sure if someone could pick things out based on a survey since I’m a little picky….but wow!! Loved everything and made me want to continue the subscription just to see what else she picks out!! From the purse down to the mommy baby porcelain seals the the color book!! Everything was wrapped up beautifully and felt like Christmas!! Tea was yummy and liked she added a tea infuser to it Fot some cookies buuut I have no oven so I will be taking them to my moms house to enjoy with her.

    Thank you felicias attic!!

  14. Jesse

    As a lover of books and special finds, I signed up for this box hoping for the best. The owners surpassed my highest expectations! My first box fell during my birthday month and they threw in extra goodies plus a Disney princess balloon and Happy Birthday banner. The box was jam packed with items old and new. I received a used fantasy book with three novels inside, several edible goodies including a bag that held a movie and Cracker Jacks for a homemade movie night, a pretty thrift store purse and doily, a bookmark, a peat pot to plant basil, a bag of coffee, Easter egg wraps and a creative magnetic to-do list. They owner takes care that all cloth items remain bug-free before shipping. I will use everything in the box and I plan on continuing my subscription for many months to come.

  15. Amanda Bezet

    My April box was great! I received a biography, an action movie, a snack, some tea, a doily, Easter Egg wraps (right on time!), a basil growing kit, a necklace, and some Easter candy. I always look forward to seeing what is inside. Looking forward to renewing my subscription for next month.

  16. Peggy Kosier

    This is one of the best subscriptions because of all of the wonderful items you receive. Not only did I receive my book but I also received a movie. I make jewelry so my craft was chain maille necklace for me to make. I received coffee and brownies, a purse, and a dish. Each item was perfect.

  17. Durell Duran

    This is my first box from Felicia’s Attic and I love it! I received a vintage 9 West purse that I just love! I also received “To Joy” a 1950 Ingmar Bergman film with Cracker Jacks and various other candy to snack on while watching this film. If I’m not in the mood for a movie I can read the M.C. Beaton novel which was also in my box! The loose tea with a diffuser was delicious and I’m planning on planting my fresh basil in their sustainable planter this weekend! Can’t wait for my next box!

  18. Tina Ames

    I am a new subscriber for a subscription box called Felicia’s Attic,is is kind of like an antique lifestyle box…..when you sign up it will ask you what genres you like in movies books and music,you will then be asked what types of drinks and foods you like,and what kind of projects you would be interesting in learning to do….there will be some other questions so that they can make your own catered box with some really cool antique items….everything in the box will be used except the food and drink item….each month your box will be made just for you,so you might not receive what others receive,every item is wrapped and the box will come with a note to you…..in each box you will receive a book,a dvd or cd,a food item and a drink item,you will recive one to two projects to do,and around 3 to 5 other items that can be anything like scarfs purses knickknacks collectibles and etc….this box cost 32.00 a month plus shipping,I pay 40.00 a month….I received my first box this month (April 2017) and in my box i received a Horror book called The Plaque Tales,I received a dvd called Saw,I received a end table Dollie,I received two wine items ( some wind charms and a wine bottle stopper),i received two items to make an Easter egg coloring kit and a grow your own cactus kit,my food item was a bag if assorted Easter candy and my drink was hot chocolate…..so as you can see this is really a cool and different subscription box to sign up for,every month will be a complete surprise,I loved my first box and I look forward to my next month.

  19. Kathryn

    I love the personalized touches and how she finds new homes for previously loved items.

  20. Barbara Pla

    Wow, my 1st box was for December; which happens to be my BD month. Very impressed with BD card from you, love the coffee, scarf. book of A Christmas Carol, coin purse, pudding mix/soup mix. And a recipe to boot! Somewhere down the line I would like a tea cup, as I collect them. Thank you. I can see you took lots of care and detail. Love everything.