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Our boxes are one time purchase boxes that include specific product boxes like our Kit Kat Box and Ultimate Pocky Box, to ethnicities such as our Filipino Box or Korean Box. Our prices range from $12-$43 and have a wide variety of what you want. We pride ourselves on customer service so just give us a shoutout on Instagram and we'll say hi!

99 per box (set your own schedule)

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  1. epichibox

    Our Ultimate Pocky Box has 11 unique flavors of Pocky – check it out!

  2. epichibox

    Cute Red Panda clutching some candy

  3. epichibox

    Flavors include Pineapple and Lilikoi (Hawaiian Passion Fruit) that are only sold in Hawaii

  4. jasonb45551

    Thought this was going to be like many traditional box companies that send you a random assortment of snacks. It was.. but at the same wasn’t. They focus a lot on customer service and reached out to me on Instagram when I had questions about what was included. Even in their mystery boxes that would not have the exact products that were being sent, they let me choose something that I enjoyed, specifically the type of pocky that I wanted in my pocky box.