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When you give your dog the gift of a Doggy MailBox, you are giving them access to limited edition toys and treats from some of the country’s top brands. Each month you will receive a Doggy MailBox and a donation will be made to a dog rescue spreading the joy of a Doggy MailBox with deserving dogs across the country

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  1. nancy

    I paid for a year subscription and only received three boxes. This was over a year ago since the initial subscription. I have sent countless emails and notifications to no avail. To date, they have yet to contact me or send me a full refund. I just sent yet another message to their customer service. STAY AWAY!!!! Go to their competitors like BarkBox

  2. Charese

    I joined in May 2016 and prepaid for a 1 year subscription. It’s now December 2016 and the only box I received was in July 2016. The one box I received was filled with cheap toys that were way too small for my 75 lb dog. I demanded a refund in August and didn’t receive one. Their excuse is there are a tiny start-up company who cannot keep up with the demand. They sent out an e-mail saying shipments were suspended until 11/15/16. It’s 12/2/16 and no box still. I sent another e-mail demanding a refund today. Doubt it will happen. If you are wanting a subscription for your dog, try BarkBox. I’ve been using them for almost 2 years. I was looking to save some money in May, so I thought I would switch to Doggy Mailbox. TERRIBLE IDEA!!!

  3. shelley

    I signed up for a 12 month subscription based on the offering of “teeny weenie” for dogs from 2-10 lbs. The first three boxes arrived all with items that were far too large for my 5lb dog – most things she can’t even pick up. I contacted company in May after 1st box and they said they’d do better. Subseqent boxes continue to contain items that are too large. In addition, not a single box shipped when they said it would. There are numerous emails sent from company about their challenges obtaining product, changing their business model, shipping late, etc. After the third box came, and another note about their difficulties fulfilling demand, I decided to cancel my subscription. I assumed I’d get a credit for unfulfilled portion of my subscription and did not. On Aug 1 they sent communication that they would not be shipping boxes and everything was on hold until Oct 15. On Aug 24 they sent communication that everything was on hold and not picking up until Nov 15 and they would continue to ship boxes for cancelled subscriptions until the term was fulfilled. Aug 24 I sent a communication specifically asking for a refund for the shipped portion of my subscription as the products again – not the right size for my dog. Last communication I received from company was on Aug 25 saying my refund request was being escalated to the CEO and he’d be with me shortly. Its now 2.5 weeks later and there’s been no communication and I have not yet gotten a credit on my credit card.

  4. Jennifer

    I’m am new here and would like to order just one doggy box at this time how do I do that? And is there a coupon for the first box?

    • Brandy

      doesn’t look like there’s a coupon, but you *can* cancel online. so you could subscribe then cancel (or probably skip) until you figure out if the box is right for you!