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T-shirt of the month Club. You will get a rare t-shirt every month from the best bars you have “never heard of!” Sizes S-XXXL

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  1. Charles Whitlock

    I love the idea. Been wanting these shirts for a long time. I’m just to cheap to purchase them for myself. My wonderful girlfriend got a shirt of the month for Christmas. The card is cool. The design is cool, but the t-shirt is a very cheap, and poor quality $2.00 t-shirt. I’m asking her to stop the subscription.

    • Isla

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  2. Richard Bell

    I can live with the idea that you and not the bar are designing the shirts, but for $22 couldn’t spend a little more on the material the shirts are made of? It may be cloth, but it is only one gtade above tissue paper. My daughter gave me a subscription for Chirtmas and I hate to tell her how badly she got ripped off. Have you no shame? I cannot believe you have any repeat business. I guess you just take the money and run. I have never seen material this cheap. i BELIEVE YOU COULD PROVIDE A DECENT shirt and still make a reasonable profit. Very dissappointed with the shirts and your ethics!

    • Les

      I LOVE the material their shirts are made of. Super soft, light and thin! No worthless heavy cotton shirt that feels like a garbage bag when you wear it from these guys. Please DONT change a thing.

  3. Cynthia Lee

    I’m a member and have not received my 2nd TSHIRT I’m sure it’s time but I have no info on who to contact and or

    • Brandy

      Hi Cynthia – we removed your address before allowing your comment. You’ll need to contact the subscription directly to deal with your account, or your credit card company. Thanks for adding your feedback for the Hello Subscription community!

    • Cynthia lee

      This is Cynthia Lee I ask2 months ago to change size to large and received medium again today this is 2 in a row and med is to small

  4. Randall

    Suggestion: Great Idea, been waiting for something like this for Minor League Baseball teams. Maybe problematic dealing with major licensing. Any. chance of you being able to get that going. BTW, HEARD ABOUT YOU ON Howard Stern.

  5. Mike Craighead

    How large does your sizes go in the shirt

  6. Dr Mark Febbo

    I got the 6 month membership and promptly started receiving shirts. Only thing was most of the splendid artwork is on the backs! It made me wonder if maybe the owners of the company were perhaps from another planet and didn’t understand that the reason somebody gets a humorous and artistic new shirt is to see his buddy’s reaction to it. Don’t bother with these.