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Diesel Crate

Diesel Crate is a box of diesel-related products that are delivered straight to your door every month. The crates can contain a variety of the following products with a retail value of over $60: T-Shirts, Hats, Additives, Decals, Accessories, Tools, Detailing Products, and much more! Some products are even specific to the engine your truck has.

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  1. Adam White

    Ordered a box before I subscribed just to make sure I was getting a quilty stuff. Im Sure glad I did this, Amy S. Head of logistics and distribution told me what I received in my box! It was apparently over 60 dollars in value!!! So a sticker an air freshener and a junk foamy hat was not worth half of what I paid! I’ll be sure to open a box on tiktok live to show what kind of company this is!