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Annie’s Creative Girls Club Reviews

Updated December 23, 2022

Annie’s Creative Girls Club

Annie’s Creative Girls Club is a monthly subscription box for the younger crowd of crafters. Every month, two fun projects will be sent to your mailbox. These projects are perfect for children to do with their parents! The projects always teach new skills like painting, stitching, or scrapbooking. This subscription gives kids a chance to explore their creativity while making adorable crafts.

All the projects come with easy-to-follow instructions, and they’ll get to experiment with new types of projects and revisit arts and crafts that they already love to do. Annie’s Creative Girls Kit-of-the-Month Club is a perfect subscription box for kids who love finding new outlets for their creativity!

98 per month

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How Annie’s Creative Girls Club Works 

Annie’s Creative Girls Club is a subscription box made for kids and young crafters looking to explore new types of projects. Parents can join the membership, and every month two projects will be mailed to your family’s doorstep with simple instructions and everything your young artist needs to complete it. These projects become fun toys, beautiful accessories, and adorable decorations. These kits truly are about artistically inspiring young girls through teaching and crafting.

Subscribing to Annie’s Creative Girls Club

Annie’s Creative Girls Club  is one of many kits that Annie’s offers. Annie’s has a few options for kid based subscriptions, including the Creative Girls Club and the Young Woodworkers Club. Subscribing to Annie’s Creative Girls Club monthly crafting kit club is very easy to do. Head over to the Annie’s Creative Girls Club website. There you can click the green “Join Now” button in the top right hand corner to add the kit to your cart. The monthly membership fee for each month’s box is $19.98. This price covers the cost of all the materials and tools of the various projects you will be sent. Annie’s also often has the first month’s kit discounted a great deal.

Purchasing the first kit of your subscription makes you an official member of the Annie’s Creative  Girls Club. Once you’ve purchased your first kit, you will create an account to keep track of you and your child’s membership. From here y’all can begin this monthly crafting journey! Two kits will be sent out once a month, so it is time to get crafting.

Past Kit Projects

Since the kits are so varied, it’s hard to know exactly what projects you and your child will be making together this month. However, looking at some of the past projects featured in  Annie’s Creative Girls Club, can help one to visualize and better understand the sorts of projects this subscription would make available. Many of their past projects can be seen by clicking on the gallery tab on the Annie’s Creative Girls Club website.

I was a kid who loved arts and crafts once, and when I babysit, crafts are still my go to activity. So I have few personal favorites from the gallery of past projects, ones that I could imagine would have been so much fun for me as a child.

One of the projects I think kids would adore, and I still do even as an adult, is an adorable plushie rainbow kitten. There’s something so special about getting to make your own stuffed toy to cuddle at night and carry around during the day. This project teaches girls skills of hand sewing, stitching patterns, sewing on beads, among other sewing skills. It’s so cute, and when finished makes for a precious companion for the next project she does.

Another project I am in love with is a set of very cute wooden butterflies that come with different types and colors of paint to decorate them with. This is a simple but very open craft that allows kids to paint and explore whatever designs they would like to. And they make for adorable decorations for your child’s room when finished.

If there is a past kit that you missed the opportunity to get, but would really like to make, Annie’s has a wonderful solution to this problem! In the shop beneath the option to purchase a membership, you will find a section labeled “Past Individual Kits.” This is where you can find any available to purchase kits from previous months. This supply is limited, but still a wonderful resource.

Another great thing to know about this shop is that there is a section dedicated to “Tools & Notions.” Here you will find organizers, sewing notions, and little things like mini scissors, and cat shaped measuring tapes. All perfect additions for your crafting stash.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Annie’s Creative Girls Club

When considering signing up for any subscription box, you have to decide if it’s worth the money. The best way to do that? A pros and cons list of course! And it’s only fair that we start with some of the drawbacks of Annie’s Creative Girls Club.

The Drawbacks 

The biggest drawback of Annie’s Creative Girls Club is also one of the biggest features of it: the variety of types of projects that will be sent to you and your child. Because you won’t know what the month’s project is, you can’t know if you will be given a project that is sewing based, painting, soap making, or anything else. While this can be very fun, it can also be frustrating. If your kid doesn’t like making jewelry, it’s disappointing for them to then get a kit that is then all about making necklaces.

These crafts are designed to be pretty simple to allow kids to try out new types of crafting and making. This leads us to the other issue that can arise; your child may be sent a project that is based in a craft they already know very well. If they love to paint and paint a lot in their free time, they may find the painting project sent that month too simple.

The Benefits

Now that we’ve addressed the drawbacks, let’s switch gears a little to talk about the positive side of purchasing an Annie’s Creative Girls Membership.

  1. Your kid gets to try out all kinds of crafts without you having to spend tons of money on new hobbies. This way your kiddo can dip their toe into new areas without breaking the bank. This month they get to make bracelets and a mandala sun-catcher, next month they could make a pillow and a fun sign for their room. It’s perfect for kids who love having many types of creative projects to work on.
  2. You don’t have to figure out the tools you and your kid will need for crafts you haven’t tried yet. No longer do you need to stand in a craft store and wonder if you have bought the right type of paint for your kid’s art projects. Annie’s Creative Girls Club includes all the supplies and tools you need to finish each month’s project, aside from some basic household tools like scissors or hot glue. This cuts out all the stress of worrying over if you have the right supplies for something your kid is excited about making.
  3. These kits are made for your child to succeed.  So, they are not frustrating or defeating. When learning new skills, one of the hardest things is feeling like the project you’re working on is impossible for you to make look good. This is especially true for kids. These kits are designed in a way that will make your kid feel good about the skills they are learning and the projects they are making.
  4.  Your kid gets to make their own toys, decorations, and accessories. This gives them a sense of accomplishment in their work and control of their lives. Now they have a necklace that looks perfect with their favorite shirt, and it’s one they made themself. Now they have a plushie cat friend they can take to their best friend’s house and show off.
  5. Your house will be filled with cute crafts! This is probably the best reason on this list. Isn’t it such a  good feeling to see your child’s art hung up in your home? You get to see the fruits of their labor and have an adorable decor all at the same time.

Is Annie’s Creative Girls Club Worth It? 

If you’re someone who has a child looking to experience a lot of different types of craft projects, I think Annie’s Creative Girls club is absolutely worth the price. Your girl will get to have fun learning all sorts of new skills while making very cute projects. And because these are easy to follow and simple projects, your kid will feel like they are really learning and succeeding in what they are making. So, it’s time to get crafting with an Annie’s Creative Girls Club membership!

However, if your child is a more experienced crafter or you and her are looking for a specific type of crafting project like crocheting, woodworking, or jewelry making, this kit might not be for you. Instead, I suggest you take a look at some of the other kits in the Annie’s catalogue. There you can find kits that are more suited to specific types of projects instead of the variety that the Annie’s Creative Girls Club provides.


What is the cost of Annie’s Girls  Club?

Each month the kit membership costs $19.98. Annie’s often has coupon codes and sales for the first month’s shipment.

How often will I get kits sent to me?

Members will get a box with two kits inside every month.

Where does Annie’s Creative Girls Club ship to?

Annie’s ships all over the United States and Canada. They currently do not ship to countries outside of Canada or the United States.

What is included in each month’s kits?

The content of the kits changes each month as this kit-of-the-month club is all about giving kids and their parents the chance to try a variety of different types of crafts and mediums. Each kit includes instructions and everything required to complete that month’s crafts, aside from household staples like scissors or glue.

Can I purchase a membership to the kits as a gift for someone else?

Yes! Memberships make great gifts and can easily be purchased as gifts through the Annie’s Creative Girls Club website.

I want to make sure my first shipment arrives for Christmas. Is there a way to do this?

Yes, if you let Annie’s know that you need your shipment in time for Christmas, they will do their best to accommodate, and work to have it at your house about two weeks before you need it.

Are these kits appropriate for my son?

Of course! These kits are wonderful for any kid who loves creative activities. No matter their gender.

Is there something I can give to the person I’m gifting a membership to?

Of course! There is a cute printable file provided that makes for a wonderful gift tag.

If I have an issue with a pattern, is there anyone who can help?

Absolutely. If there is a problem with a pattern included in a kit, you can contact Annie’s Editorial Department and complete a pattern services request form.

What is the return policy for shipments?

Within the first twenty-one days of receiving your kit, you can return it. The objects must be returned in their original packaging. Orders sent back within the twenty-one day return period can be refunded or returned for credit to Annie’s.

How soon will my Annie’s Creative Girls Kits arrive after I purchase my membership?

You should receive your kit within 6-10 business days if you are a U.S. resident and between 3-4 weeks if you are in Canada.

How can I cancel my membership?

There is a form to submit your request to cancel your membership, and once filled out, you will be sent an email to confirm your cancellation.

Does Annie’s have other craft kit-of-the-month clubs?

Annie’s has so many different clubs available to become members of. Each of their clubs cater to different kinds of crafters: crochet, quilting, card-making, knitting, holiday themed, crafts for kids, and so much more.

Are there other Annie’s clubs that are appropriate for kids?

Yes! Many of the kit clubs can be done with your children, but the ones that are specifically designed for kids are the Creative Girls Club and the Young Woodworkers Kit Club

If my child really likes a craft, how do I find more like it?

This is a wonderful problem to have as it can be the beginning of your child falling in love with a new creative craft.. Annie’s has a wide range of kits for all sorts of different types of crafts. You and your child can explore Annie’s catalog of kits here.

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