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When you sign up for one of our chocolate subscriptions, we’ll send you a box of handcrafted, artisan chocolates each month for the duration of your subscription. It’s not the same ol’ chocolate you’ve had before, but chocolate that’s carefully crafted by chefs who pour their passion into their treats. Choose dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or truffle lovers collection!

99 per month

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  1. Elizabeth Joniak-Grant

    Buyer beware!! I bought a 6 month chocolate of the month subscription for my mom back in July. She has only received TWO OUT OF FIVE months despite e-mails and phone calls promising it would be resolved. They were vague when asked why and promised to send a double-shipment. They didn’t. I’m notifying my credit card company. I’ve paid $170 (including shipping) for two boxes of chocolate. So disappointing!

  2. Frances Travelli

    This company does not fulfill it’s subscriptions like they say they will, and their customer service is almost non-existent. When a shipment is sent, they send 9 pieces which is not $30 worth in my mind. They are so incompetent they did not blind cc their customers in a mass email, so everyone has each other’s emails and have all openly complained about this company to each other. This company does not deserve a top rating. I would not recommend this to anyone.