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Catch Sitka Reviews

Updated February 3, 2024

Catch Sitka

Catch Sitka is a monthly subscription box membership containing fresh Wild Alaskan seafood shipped straight to your door from Sitka, Alaska. Catch Sitka offers 7 box options with everything, from Halibut to Shrimp to several different species of Salmon. This family-run business prides itself on sustainable fishing practices and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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Subscribing to Catch Sitka

Ordering from Catch Sitka is easy. Just head over to their website and hit the Get Box Button. Choose your carefully curated box based on your fish preferences. Depending on which box you pick, you can choose an individual box or subscribe to their membership and save 10% off your boxes. Choose your box size and shipping preference and add the box to your cart. Go to your cart and check out. Next enter your email, shipping and billing information as well as your payment type, and your box full of delicious, fresh, healthy seafood will be on its way soon!

How Catch Sitka Works

Catch Sitka is a family run and owned company based out of one of the fishing capitals of the world, Sitka, Alaska. Catch Sitka uses a 4 step process to get seafood delivered from the ocean to your door. All seafood is caught using the sustainable fishing practice known as hook-and-line. Once caught, the seafood is immediately iced and processed at the pier. It is then blast frozen to -30 degrees, vacuum sealed and shipped to you in an insulated box using dry ice and gel packs.

You have 7 delicious box options to choose from. If you choose to subscribe to the Catch Sitka membership, you get a fresh seafood box delivered once per month at 10% off the box price for 4 out of the 7 box options.. You can either swap boxes, add items, pause, skip or cancel your subscription at any time.

Catch Sitka offers 4 different size boxes of pristine line-caught seafood depending on your family size. For a Family size of 1-2, you get 2.5-3 pounds. Families of 2-3 get 4.5-5 pounds. A family of 3-4 gets 9.5 to 10 pounds. And for extra large families of 5+, you get 14.5-15 pounds. Prices increase with the amount of seafood you choose for your family.

Catch Sitka Pricing and Options

Catch Sitka Subscription Box Options for a Family Size of 1-2

  • Wild Alaskan Whitefish Harvest Box- Includes Halibut, Rockfish, Lingcod and/or Black Cod. Individual box price- $174. Subscription box price- $156.60.
  • Wild Alaskan Halibut Harvest Box- Assortment of thick Pacific Halibut filets. Individual box price- $195.50. Subscription box price- $175.95.
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon and Halibut Mixed Harvest Box- Mixture of Pacific Halibut and deep red Coho Salmon. Individual box price- $172.50. Subscription box price- $155.25.
  • Wild Alaskan King Salmon Harvest Box- Sashimi grade King Salmon starting around mid-June with the King Salmon seasonal run. Individual box price- $185. Subscription box price- $166.50.

Catch Sitka Individual Box Options for a Family Size of 1-2

  • Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon Harvest Box- Pre-order fresh Coho Salmon filets. On demand price- $156.
  • Wild Alaskan Spot Prawn Box- Four pounds of Spot Prawns sized 16/20- On demand price- $207
  • Wild Alaskan Applewood Smoked Fish Box- Choose your species from Black Cod, King Salmon, Coho Salmon or Keta Salmon. On-demand price starts at $46 and increases with species type and weight selection.

Catch Sitka Benefits and Drawbacks

Catch Sitka Benefits

  • Fresh, sustainably caught wild Alaskan seafood delivered straight to your door
  • Each box comes with recipe ideas to cook your seafood
  • With Catch Sitka’s subscription option on some boxes, you get 10% off and a price lock on your seafood

Catch Sitka Drawbacks

  • Shipping is not free
  • Not all boxes offer the 10% subscription discount

Is Catch Sitka Worth It?

If you are a seafood lover and appreciate fresh sustainable caught fish and shrimp delivered straight to your door, then Catch Sitka is for you. With their dockside facility where Catch Sitka artisans process, flash freeze and vacuum pack their catch, your fridge will be stocked with mouthwatering halibut, salmon and shrimp in no time. And with their 10% discount on monthly subscription boxes, you can have a steady stream of wild caught seafood all year long at a great price.  Plus, Catch Sitka has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Catch Sitka Tips

Catch Sitka offers several “teasers” you can add to your subscription or individual box order. Unfortunately, you can’t order teasers on their own, only with your box order. Some of the teasers you can choose from are the Wild Alaskan Gift Box Bonus Items for $35, the Applewood Smoked King Salmon Teaser for $14.75, the Fresh Frozen Wild Alaskan Fish Teaser for $16.25 and the Spot Prawn Teaser for $18.75.

If you are unsure about subscribing to Catch Sitka, you can choose to order any of their boxes individually, but you won’t get the 10% discount. Subscribing to Catch Sitka ensures they know how much fish to harvest to keep it sustainable. Also, prices may fluctuate on individual boxes due to market conditions including the abundance of fish. When you subscribe, your box price is locked in for as long as your subscription lasts. You can cancel or pause subscriptions at any time.

In addition to gift cards, Catch Sitka has several gift box options. Starting at $86.25 for the 1 pound Wild Alaskan Applewood Smoked Fish Gift Box to $431.25 for the 11 pound Wild Alaska Mighty King Gift Box, you have plenty of gift box choices depending on your budget. Each gift box comes with curated local gourmet items such as a cedar grilling plank, garlic and herb olive oil and  pacific flake sea salt, and of course the delicious, fresh or smoked seafood of your choice. Perfect for the seafood lover!

How Catch Sitka Compares to Other Specialty Food Subscription Boxes

What sets Catch Sitka apart from a lot of other subscription food boxes is that it is family owned with family values. The owner, Issam, along with his art teacher wife Mindy and their 2 daughters are Sitka locals who built the business themselves, from the ground up. They source their seafood from trustworthy local fishermen and the artisanal processors who work at their dockside plant are also a part of the Sitka community.

Catch Sitka prides itself on its 6 core values: community and people, environment, transparency, health, efficiency and quality and service. Feel good about where your fresh seafood comes from in addition to reaping its numerous health benefits. You can read more about the company, as well as the health benefits of fresh sustainable seafood by reading its Sound Off blog on the Catch Sitka website.

Catch Sitka versus Butcher Box

Butcher Box is a high quality meat and wild caught seafood subscription box. The box options are All Beef, Beef & Pork, Pork & Chicken, the Mixed Box and the Custom Box. Butcher Box’s beef is 100% grass fed. Their chicken is free range organic and their pork is raised crate free.

Butcher Box’s 4 curated box options offers a Classic Box with 8-11 pounds of meat for $146 a box. Their Big Box contains 16-22 pounds of meat and costs $269 per box. The Custom box is more expensive but the big custom box has 18-26 pounds of meat for 60 meals! You can choose your box frequency and delay or cancel your membership at any time.

Catch Sitka works similarly to Butcher Box, but is all about the seafood! There are some seafood options in the Butcher Box in the custom box, but their main focus is on high quality meats. Both companies support local fishermen and farmers, and have similar missions to rethink our food supply chain with sustainability.

The main difference between the 2 is the subscription options. Butcher Box is a subscription only box with flexible options and Catch Sitka has subscription options on most, but not all of their boxes with a few one off box options that don’t include the 10% subscription discount. Also, Butcher Box offers free shipping, whereas Catch Sitka shipping cost is $19.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a subscription to Catch Sitka cost?

Subscribing to Catch Sitka is free, and when you subscribe you get 10% off of your monthly box. You also have the choice not to subscribe and they have a few one off box options with no monthly subscription offer due to seasonal availability.

Which of Catch Sitka’s boxes offer the subscription and which boxes are single box offers?

Catch Sitka’s subscription box options are King Salmon, Halibut, Salmon and Halibut and White Fish. Single box offers are Gift Boxes, Smoked Fish, Coho and Spot Prawn.

Are there different size options for boxes?

Yes. Most boxes offer 4 different size boxes depending on your family size.

What comes in each Catch Sitka Box?

This depends on your seafood choices and size. Each Catch Sitka Box contains delicious, healthy, fresh, vacuum frozen seafood straight from Alaska.

What is the sign up process for Catch Sitka?

Go to their website to get started.

Does Catch Sitka offer exchanges or returns?

Catch Sitka can not accept returns on seafood boxes since they contain perishable items. If you have an issue with something in your box, Catch Sitka offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact [email protected] and they will help make any concerns with items in your box right.

How do I cook the seafood that comes in my Catch Sitka box?

Each box comes with a cooking guide. There is also a recipe blog on Catch Sitka’s website. Most of Catch Sitka’s recipes can be made in under 30 minutes.

Who catches the seafood that comes in the Catch Sitka box?

Catch Sitka sources their seafood from local, small boat fishermen and fisherwomen in Sitka, Alaska. Catch Sitka pays affordable wages to the fishermen who catch their seafood by offering them direct access to you, the seafood lover, thus cutting out the middle man.

What types of payment does Catch Sitka accept?

Catch Sitka accepts credit/debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. Shop Pay, Google Pay and Facebook Pay are additional options for payment.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription to Catch Sitka?

You can pause or cancel your subscription to Catch Sitka at any time.

When will my Catch Sitka box ship?

Catch Sitka ships boxes the 3rd week of every month.

Can I purchase add-ons to my monthly Catch Sitka box?

Yes. Catch Sitka offers teaser add-ons to any box order (subscription or individual). These are smaller sizes of many of their smoked fish, fresh salmon, spot shrimp and an Alaskan gift box. Perfect to try before you buy for your next box order.

Can I purchase Catch Sitka seafood boxes without being a subscription member?

Absolutely. You just won’t receive the 10% off box discount and you won’t get the price lock guarantee in case market prices increase.

Is there a Catch Sitka loyalty program?

Yes. Catch Sitka has a loyalty points program where you can earn rewards for special discounts.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is $19.99 for most boxes. The Apple Smoked Box ships for $14.99.

Does Catch Sitka offer any discounts for special populations?

Yes. Catch Sitka offers discounts for military members and teachers verified with GovX ID.

What Catch Sitka gift options are there?

Catch Sitka has 5 gift box options full of fresh seafood, local handcrafted and gourmet items. You can also choose to purchase a gift card.

Does Catch Sitka offer bulk or wholesale boxes?

Absolutely. Catch Sitka offers bulk and wholesale opportunities for restaurants, schools, stores and families. Contact Catch Sitka through their website for additional details.

What if I have a problem with my Catch Sitka order?

You can contact customer service through a link on their website or email them at  [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

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