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At Cat Person, we care deeply about helping all cats in need, but we have a particularly soft spot for fosters. Many of us have been fostering cats for years. In fact, it was our co-founder’s experience fostering kittens that first inspired the idea of Cat Person.

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  1. Julia Johnsen

    Ok, this has never, ever happened before. She went straight to your food leaving her favorite food behind. She’s never done that before and she ate the wet food which has never happened before either with any brand of “expensive, good for your cat” kind of food! She wouldn’t even eat tuna but she went straight for your food! Amazing! Thank you so much and being that I’m writing this right after receiving the food, I can’t wait to see how she improves all the way around on down the road! Thank you! I’ll be sure to keep you posted! I’m really quite amazed!