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Buckeye Boutique Box

A Buckeye Boutique Box is a subscription box filled with themed items and goodies based upon what you like. Each box is hand picked based upon the theme you choose. Boxes for Dancers, Gymnasts, Disney Fanatics and our 4 Pack Princess Box (Princess, Mermaid, Unicorn and Fairy Theme) available.

99 per box (set your own schedule)

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  1. Danielle

    My daughter was gifted the Disney Princess box. After a couple months of no box, we checked with them. They claimed the survey they sent had a different email than the one used to sign up for the box (not true). Then, after they finally “sent” the box (tracking info was received with zero movement on the box), two weeks later, there was still no box. We contacted them again and asked, and they claimed they were sending a replacement. The box was finally received with the original tracking number, proving they never sent it in the first place. When the box arrived, it had a couple of cheap, dollar store items, and a tshirt from Kohl’s. The whole box was probably worth $10. Absolutely not worth the money or headache of dealing with this company!!!
    Also, in the meantime of waiting for the box, we could not get ahold of the company, so I posted on their Facebook page asking for help. Within literally a minute of them posting a reply to me, they completely deleted my post so I couldn’t even see their reply. I have screenshots for proof! Absolutely awful company!!!

  2. Danielle Cameron

    Purchased for my daughter. Have been trying for over a month to get some sort of communication on the box. Sent FB messages ( they look and don’t answer), emails ( they don’t answer). Today I told them to just refund me so I can find another box for my daughter who is extremely disappointed