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Box of Dread

Box of Dread is a monthly horror themed subscription box. Each month recieve handpicked, Halloween and horror-related collectibles as well as promotional products from horror movies, TV shows and games.

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  1. Doug D'Marco

    These guys have fallen into the fraudulent category, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! They have blamed everyone (USPS, Vendors, even Customers) for not shipping out boxes (but still taking your money). They have blamed their convention appearances as to why they could not ship and even did the scammiest of scams and tried to pull the “death in the family” excuse.

    Dread Central is the parent company of this who attend conventions. Please be careful with your trust and money.

  2. Erik

    I absolutely love Box of Dread and have been getting them for a couple years now. I cancelled my plan last March due to boxes constantly being late, but decided to get a 3 month subscription in May because they sent out 40% off coupons. I’ve only been disappointed with a couple boxes I’ve received in that time. The problem is that BoD is now constantly behind. Today is 9/4/18 and many people are still waiting on May’s box. They have had issues in the past where they had to send boxes a month or so late but this is just getting ridiculous. To fix the months long wait they shipped May, June and July boxes together. In the past they have put 2 boxes in one and they were absolutely crammed with awesome stuff, this 3 month box is pitiful, not even the size of the 2 month boxes. They also recently increased their prices so that they can include heavier things like t-shirts and have yet to send anything they wouldn’t have before the increase. What really irritates me is that instead of accepting responsibility for screwing up, they owner continues to toy with subscribers promising great things and failing to deliver time and time again. My house is full of things I’ve gotten from BoD that I love, but I simply can’t recommend this subscription based on how much worse things have been getting.

  3. Joshua Welch

    When the box finally shows up its great. Currently they are three months behind with very rare communication given as to why. In the beginning of July subscribers were told that a May/June combo box would be sent out. It still has not been sent. Keep in mind that this is a month to month rather than bi-monthly so getting two at once isn’t really what people are paying for. The prices went up to 25 a month this year but the service has dropped drastically. Look up their facebook and see for yourself.

  4. Hector Arrebato

    This is looks to be a couple shipping out boxes. Though they may not be the best because I guess they’re not sponsored like the rest, they are moving up little by little. In November (I think) you could tell they had just landed some kind of partnership. The box was IT inspired. Came with a tall glass IT cup, IT whistle, IT beach ball and more. The following box came in a legit Box Of Dread box.

  5. Steve Ames

    Subscribed at the beginning of December. Also ordered a box from 2016 that looked good. I got this as a Christmas gift for a relative and wanted the extra box to put under the tree. Nothing has shipped. They keep talking about switching delivery companies, etc… Their website and facebook group is filled with discontent. Would not at all recommend. Cancelling and moving to a different service. Perhaps they’ve just bit off more than they can chew but that’s not my problem, it’s theirs.