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Box of Dread

Box of Dread is a monthly horror themed subscription box. Each month recieve handpicked, Halloween and horror-related collectibles as well as promotional products from horror movies, TV shows and games.

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  1. Steve Ames

    Subscribed at the beginning of December. Also ordered a box from 2016 that looked good. I got this as a Christmas gift for a relative and wanted the extra box to put under the tree. Nothing has shipped. They keep talking about switching delivery companies, etc… Their website and facebook group is filled with discontent. Would not at all recommend. Cancelling and moving to a different service. Perhaps they’ve just bit off more than they can chew but that’s not my problem, it’s theirs.

  2. Hector Arrebato

    This is looks to be a couple shipping out boxes. Though they may not be the best because I guess they’re not sponsored like the rest, they are moving up little by little. In November (I think) you could tell they had just landed some kind of partnership. The box was IT inspired. Came with a tall glass IT cup, IT whistle, IT beach ball and more. The following box came in a legit Box Of Dread box.