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There is no doubt about – the man´s beard care has taken on an unprecedented importance level in the last few years. And the beard oil is one oft he most important things to keep your beard in a good and healthy shape. It nourishes the beard, the skin underneath and gives the man an irresistible scent.
But there is one problem: the selection of good beard oils has become more and more difficult. Too many brands and high differences in quality makes it difficult for every bearded man to find the right one for his needs.
Beardwide’s mission is to find the best beard oils from all over the world to represent them in the exclusiv Beardwide Box. Try 3 of the world´s best premium beard oils every month at a discounted price. All beard oils are well selected and based on the highest quality standards. Normally they´re not available out of their country of origin. Beardwide has exclusive arrangements with the manufacturers to sell them in their beard oil subscription. Your beard will ♥ it.
Beardwide beard oil subscription at a glance:

✓ Try 3 different premium beard oils each month from all over the world (at least 25 ml)
✓ Discover new things because of local and sustainable ingredients
✓ Free shipping
✓ Monthly cancellation possibility
✓ No animal testing and barber proofed quality

51 per month

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