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Beans of Motivation sends you 1-3 full size bag(s) of freshly-roasted artisan coffee beans, along with a motivational bookmark. Each month, we feature a different small-batch coffee roaster. Subscribers are able to select which coffee they’d like or our team can choose according to their preference. Discounts are available for the three bag option and for six month subscriptions.

99 per month

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  1. Elaine

    The Wild Child coffee came in my box. I love it! It is a mellow, lighter roast coffee. I ground it just a smidge finer than medium, brew it in my aeropress for 1 minute. Very good coffee! Thanks for the quick delivery too, it got here just a couple days after it was roasted. I can’t wait to try the one for this month…it’s so much fun to try new coffee beans! (But it’s hard to make a choice sometimes…I want 2 or 3 different ones!)