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Artemis Box is a monthly subscription service catered to pampering women during their period.  In the box, you will find a mix of healthy and naughty snacks, feminine hygiene products, pampering items and gifts! We discover new and innovative ways to make your box fun and exciting with a focus on a specific cause each month. Boxes also available without feminine hygiene products for women who no longer have their periods.

99 per month

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  1. Heather Wertz

    Love these boxes! This is my second month getting them and they are great! They have nice treats plus everything you need to get through your visit from “Aunt flow”. Love the monthly themes!

  2. Cathy Spicer

    Love, Love, LOVE the Artemis Box! I’ve tried other period boxes and this is my favorite by far. The cost is competitive and the contents have that extra touch I haven’t seen. I like that the snacks and pampering items aren’t standard fare. I’ve discovered new favorite treats I didn’t know existed. The BEST part of the box is that they are themed to promote awareness of women’s health issues. What a GREAT way to #shedthestigma of periods AND educate others about health. The gifts are quirky in just the right ways and the customer service is above average. I’m an annual subscriber and don’t even have a period anymore. <3 I recommend everyone gives Artemis a try; I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  3. Tia Marie

    I just received the March box today, and I am a 100% convert from the PMS Package…. I also have already eaten ALL of the yummy snacks! SO much care went in to this box and this company and I will happily continue to support it. I emailed them today with a question about subscriptions and the response was fast and she was so incredibly sweet. I think what sets this box apart is the customization…. they let you pick your feminine products, up to 20, tampons, pads, or a mix of both, in your preferred brands. That’s just phenomenal to me, that a company would take the time to make sure all of their customers get exactly what they need.

  4. Caitlyn

    I love this box!!! I am a strong supporter of small businesses and this box definitely deserves a subscription!!! It is soooo thoughtful and so cute. You can even pick which tampons or pads you’d like, or you can get one without any! It comes with a super adorable info card telling you what’s inside and describing each item. The packaging is great and I couldn’t be happier! I’m so excited to receive future boxes. If you are looking for a period box subscription, please get this one. The owner is also very responsive and caring. So much better than PMS package. I’ve had both and I recommend this one by far. 🙂

  5. Kristin Kim

    My November box was packed full of fall-inspired goodies! my favorite item of all was the gift. i’ve been wearing this on my collar and on my sweater since I got the box and i absolutely adore it and have received lots of compliments from strangers and coworkers. THANK YOU ARTEMIS BOX!!!!

  6. Bianca Martinez

    I was pleasantly surprised I received a face mask by TONYMOLY! I love Korean beauty products, but they are a little too expensive for me to buy in stores. It was great to try it out on the second day of my period (the heaviest) and rewind after a long work day. Also loved the Ghirardelli chocolate squares. Just pre-ordered for the November box. can’t wait!!

  7. Elizabeth Fuller

    After trying several different subscription boxes, I fell in love with this box the most! Unlike other subscription boxes, this box was packed with fun snacks that you don’t typically see in period boxes. I’ve subscribed to a couple, but I felt like I was paying for junk and things you find in vending machines. I’ve never tried Korean snacks before, so it was fun to receive something different and new for me.

    The October Box came with a delicious churros snack that tasted absolutely spot on to the real thing! Something I thought was interesting was the matcha flavored choco pie! It was similar to a moon pie, but much softer and moist and not dry like a moon pie. I loved the marshmallow filling!

    It came with a variety of different fall flavored teas including Pumpkin Spice, Salted Caramel and Apple Cider. My favorite was the Salted Caramel and it was the perfect combo with my choco pie!

    I just pre-ordered for the November box and can’t wait to receive it this month!!!