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  1. Jennifer Schwarze

    Don’t do it – there is no way to contact this group other than by email which they do not respond to – have been unable to cancel

    • Jared Alley

      Same thing for me, I ordered from them, never received my order. They have billed me twice, even though I was told they would cancel my VIP membership

    • Edilia Tello

      BUYERS BEWARE!!! Terrible company. I’ve sent 4 emails to them. Not one single response. Have not received my order. These people are thieves and apparently there’s nothing you can do about it to get your money back.

    • Jennifer

      I ordered a t-shirt 2 months ago and it has never shown up and no way to counteract these [email protected]&en thrives.

    • Dan Williams

      [sorry, no profanity – comment removed by Hello Subscription team]

      • Brandy

        Hi Dan – we don’t publish reviews or comments with profanity. It looks like this box is closed down. You should contact your credit card company for recourse.

  2. DAVID Rainwater

    I orderd from them in July and still have not receaved my order .

    • Rich scam-e

      Its a scam, they got me for $34.95
      Don’t be the next victom.

  3. Anomymous buyer

    I ordered a t shirt from them and I never received it they just charged me and i tried calling the Florida number 813-454-6000 and it says it’s a restricted number ?! Are you serious so I emailed them as well and still no response!

  4. Paulette Valdez

    Purchased a shirt a month ago and never received. No response from company. Contacting the BBB. Everyone else should as well.

  5. David

    i ordered my teeShirt 8/17/17, as of this date did not receive…What a joke!!…I contacted American Express for full refund. Don’t buy anything from this organization…Its fraud…..

  6. emil mcmoore

    RIPOFF, ordered and paid for t shirts July 29. Still haven’t received shirts. I’ve emailed them numerous times, with no reply.

  7. Brenda Suehs

    I too have been ripped off. I HATE HATE HATE thieves. The really sad part about this is – if they would truly produced the product they could make so much more money. The best advertisement is a walking billboard. BTW, I have been in contact by email, but they insist they aren’t aware of my purchase even though I have shown my receipt and bank draft. GGGGGggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  8. Vickie

    I agree with the other reviewers! I ordered 2 shirts. They promptly took the money out of my account, never sent me order confirmation-let alone tracking info. There is no way to check order status on their website. They are crooks

  9. hiromommy

    Dispute all charges with Credit card companies or bank. They must supply proof of service to keep your money

  10. Kathy Stewart

    I ordered a shirt back in August and have yet to receive it. A guy named David once emailed back saying it would be sent shortly and it never has. I will never trust this so called club again!!

  11. Robert Hunt

    I paid for one of their T shirts on 1 September 2017 and as of 15 OCT I still have not received it.

  12. Nancy

    I ordered a tee shirt in August and have never received it. The sad part about these people is they use veterans and gun owners to rip people off. There is a special place in hell for people like this.

  13. Shari

    Well I guess this explains alot. I have tried several times to order shirts for myself and my husband and it kept giving an error, saying the order could not be processed and not charges were made. I’ve emailed them 3 times and have had no response. I will be keeping a close eye on my credit card account to make sure nothing is charged. Very disappointed in this, as I really wanted these shirts for myself and my husband! It is pathetic that they take advantage of anyone and sad how they draw in the veterans and gun owners!!!

  14. Michelle

    I wouldn’t even give this site one star in all honesty. I have fallen for the same scam as many of the other reviewers. I ordered two t-shirts for my husband and I, my card was charged and I never received the shirts. Surprise, surprise……….they won’t respond to any of my attempts to contact them. They are claiming support of veterans and gun owners while stealing their money.

  15. Bonnie Kitchens

    If I could go lower than 1 star, I would. I did finally get the tshirt I ordered after 3 months (Lutz FL is only a couple hundred miles from where I live). I wanted to exchange for a larger size, but cannot contact the company. Phone # says it is a private #, nebody replies to emails.

  16. Tyler hansen


  17. Stephanie Farmer

    This is ridiculous, they claim that the money goes to help veterans and yet they have stolen money for many people. I purchased 2 premium t-shirts from them on September 4th 2017 and I have yet to reeve them and it is January 7th. I have emailed them 3 times and have never gotten a response from them. I will be seeking a reimbursement from my card company. I am also going to send a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

  18. Jim

    Ordered in Aug 17… Its June 2018 and I haven’t seen a shirt or a reply to E- mails.. COMPLETE RIP OFF!