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Adore Me Reviews

Updated May 11, 2024

Adore Me

Adore Me is a women’s intimate clothing brand that offers lingerie, sleepwear, activewear, and swimwear delivered straight to your door. There are 3 ways to purchase Adore Me products: the Adore Me VIP club, the Adore Me Elite Membership, or pay-as-you-go.

Adore Me has been in business for over 10 years. It was the first intimate wear brand to offer extended sizing supporting its mission that women should feel empowered and confident in their lingerie.

95 per month

Get your first set for $25! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.


Subscribing to Adore Me

To subscribe, simply groove on over to Adore Me and start shopping! When you check out you can choose to join the VIP Membership Club for discounts and special perks or just make a one time purchase. If you prefer to have a personal stylist curate monthly boxes for you, you can join the Elite Box Subscription to get 3-5 matching sets of intimate wear based on your personal preferences.

How Adore Me Works

When you join the VIP Membership Club, you get the best deals on your purchases. Some of the perks of this monthly club is that your first set is only $24.95, you get $10 off every set and exclusive access to sales and your 6th set is free. 

The Elite Box Subscription is the perfect way to “try before you buy.” For $20 you can get a personal stylist to choose items in your box that you can try at home, keep what you want and return the rest. Plus, when you buy at least one item from your Elite Subscription Box, the $20 styling fee is applied to your purchase. You have 7 days to decide what to keep and shipping both ways is free!

The Adore Me Elite Subscription starts with a personal style quiz. Starting with your sizes, you enter your band, cup, panty, dress, top and bottoms sizes. Next you choose bra padding and panty coverage preferences. Then you get to select any colors that your personal stylize should avoid sending in your box, followed by specific themes you’d like in your box. The theme choices are Daytime Chic, Lounge, Romantic, Bold & Sexy, Vacation and Active. 

Next up, you can choose which specific items you’d like in your box; bras & panties, lingerie, panty packs, sleepwear, swimwear, corsets, dresses, tops & t-shirts, activewear and sweaters. Finally, how much you’d like to spend in each category; The Cheaper the Better, $30-$60, $60-$90 or over $90. Enter your birthday and any other specific info you would like your stylist to know and ta-da! Your first curated box will be on its way soon!

Examples of Adore Me Items

You can shop for Adore Me products by Collections or by Specific Categories. The Collections include New Collections, Bridal and Best Sellers. Specific Categories include Bra & Panties, Lingerie, Sleep & Lounge, Swim, Active, Panties Only and Breathable Basics. Each category is then broken down further into the sub-categories of Style, Size and Collection.

Here are some examples of items with both the MSRP and VIP pricing:

  • Jasmine Unlined Boned Corset & Thong Set- MSRP $64.95/VIP $54.95
  • Gloria Contour Plus Mastectomy Bra- MSRP $54/VIP $44
  • Devyn Knit Sleepshirt- MSRP $49.95/VIP $39.95
  • Jamie Unlined Bra & Panty Set- MSRP $49.95/ VIP $39.95
  • Lucy Faux Leather Legging- MSRP $39.95/ VIP $29.95

Adore Me Pricing and Options

The Adore Me VIP Program is $39.95 a month which can be used as a credit to purchase anything at Adore Me at discounted VIP prices. You can skip as many months as you’d like and cancel at any time. 

The Elite Subscription Box Program is a $20 stylist fee for a box of 3-5 selections based on the results of your personal style quiz. You have 7 days to try on and decide what you’d like to keep and the $20 is credited towards whatever you purchase. 

The Pay as You Go Option is for one time purchases at MSRP costs.

 Adore Me Membership Benefits and Drawbacks

Adore Me Membership Benefits

  • Adore Me sizes range from XS to 4X and truly are for every body
  • There are flexible membership options for more ways to shop
  • Shipping is free both ways

Adore Me Membership Drawbacks

  • The VIP and Elite Memberships can be a little confusing at first
  • You may not like anything in your Elite Membership Box

Is Adore Me Worth It?

One thing all women have in common is that we all need intimate wear! When you shop at Adore Me you save time and gas money by not having to drive to the dreaded mall. 

Frankly, the best deal on Adore Me is the VIP Program. For $39.95 a month you get access to $10 off MSRP and exclusive sales. Your monthly payment is used as a credit for anything on the Adore Me site. If you spend at least this amount a month anyways on clothing, then it’s a really good deal since you get what you want delivered straight to your door. If you’re on a tight budget, you can always skip as many months as you need to and cancel at any time. 

If you’re someone who dreads shopping, even online and definitely at a store, then the Elite Subscription Box Program is for you! For $20 a month you get 3-5 curated items shipped straight to you to try on in the comfort of your own home. Return what you don’t love, but keep what you do and the $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase. And with Adore Me expert stylists, you are sure to love at least one item in your box. 

The Pay as You Go option is probably the most similar to shopping in a traditional brick and mortar store since you pay full price for items. You do save money and time not having to shop, but the discounts aren’t as deep as the VIP Program.

Adore Me Tips

When you join the VIP Membership, you get $10 off MSRP, access to exclusive sales and every 6th set you purchase is free! Simply visit the Adore Me Showroom between the 1st and 5th of every month to shop or skip. Adore Me even sends you text reminders in case you forget. You can skip as many months in a row as you want, but if you do forget, your $39.95 can be refunded or used as a credit towards future purchases and the store credit never expires. Additionally, when you first join as a VIP member, you get an introductory offer of $24.95 of any set on Adore Me.

Not sure of your bra size? The Adore Me website has a whole library of tips to find your perfect fit. From specific measurements to solutions to common bra problems, Adore Me has you covered!

Concerned about the environmental impact of your purchases? Adore Me has launched a program called Adore Me Cares which provides information about their current sustainability efforts and programs. With eco-conscious designs, sustainable suppliers, and support of programs to offset carbon emissions from shipping as well as responsible packaging, you can feel good shopping at Adore Me.

Adore Me offers 77 different sizes! With A-I cups and 30-46 band choices, Adore Me stands by their mission to help women of all shapes and sizes feel sexy and confident in their bodies. In addition, every month Adore Me designs brand-new high-quality collections based on current trends in the industry. 

How the Adore Me Compares to Other Women’s Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

Adore Me VIP Membership versus Yitty VIP Membership

Yitty is another popular women’s monthly membership club featuring shapewear developed through a partnership between the superstar musician Lizzo and the clothing brand Fabletics. 

Yitty is similar to Adore Me in its mission to provide quality body wear for real sized women.

The cost of a Yitty VIP membership is $49.95 a month which is then used as a credit that can be used to purchase items at member only pricing. Adore Me VIP Membership is similar in the way the membership works, but the cost is only $39.95 a month. 2 great women’s intimate wear subscription box options, it just depends on your preference and budget. 

Adore Me Elite Subscription versus Wantable Active Edit

Wantable Active Edit is women’s subscription box membership similar to the Adore Me Elite Subscription Program. For a $20 curation fee you receive a box with 7 fitness and lounge clothing items. Curation is created from the results of your personal style quiz and you have 5 days to try before you buy and the $20 goes towards anything you purchase in the box. 

The Adore Me Elite Program is also $20 per curated box, but you get 3-5 items in each box and have 7 days to decide what you’d like to keep. Adore Me also has activewear and loungewear products, yet also expands into other intimate wear items such as bras & panties and lingerie. Again, both great subscription box options. Maybe try both and decide for yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase items off of Adore Me?

Adore Me has 3 ways to purchase products. The VIP membership plan gives you a special introductory offer, $10 off of MSRP and you get your 6th set free. The Elite Subscription Box Program is Adore Me’s curated box membership where for a stylist fee, you get a monthly box delivered of hand picked items based upon the results of your personal style quiz. The other option to purchase is the Pay as You Go Option.

How much do the Adore Me subscription membership options cost?

The VIP Membership is $39.95 and provides a monthly credit that can be used towards purchases at VIP pricing and exclusive member only sales. The Elite Subscription Box has no upfront membership fee, but the cost is $20 for a curated box of 3-5 items, which then can be used as a credit for anything you purchase out of the box.

What is the sign up process for the Adore Me VIP Membership? 

To sign up, simply visit  Adore Me and start shopping! When you check out you can choose to join the VIP Membership Club for discounts and special perks. 

Does Adore Me offer exchanges or returns on items?

Yes. You can exchange items or return items within 30 days of delivery given that they are in the same condition that they arrived. Each returned set is subject to a $5.95 restocking fee. All sales are final on sale items and they are not eligible for return. 

What types of payment does Adore Me accept?

Adore Me accepts credit/debit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also options for payment. 

What makes Adore Me different from other subscription memberships?

Adore Me is unique from other subscription memberships in many ways. First of all, they offer over 77 sizes to ensure every woman feels confident in her intimate wear. Second of all, there are 3 ways to purchase items from Adore Me; the VIP membership for discounts, the Elite Subscription Membership for curation or you can choose to pay as you go for MSRP. Finally, Adore Me is all about sustainability with their Adore Me Cares program.

How do I cancel my subscription to the Adore Me VIP or Elite Membership?

You can cancel at any time by logging in to your account and going to your membership settings. 

Can I pause a month on my Adore Me VIP or Elite memberships?

Yes. You can pause either membership to skip months as often and as long as you need to.

How much does shipping Adore Me charge for shipping?

Shipping is free on all US orders! Shipping to Canada costs a $10.95 flat rate fee. Shipping to New Zealand, Mexico and Singapore is a $12.95 flat rate fee. Shipping to Saudi Arabia and UAE is a $15.95 flat rate fee. 

Does Adore Me offer expedited shipping?

Yes, but only to US customers. Priority shipping is $3.95 and Express shipping is $14.95.

What if I have a problem with my Adore Me order?

Most answers to questions about Adore Me can be found in their Help Center. You can submit a support request directly from there. For urgent requests, call the Adore Me customer care line at 1-800-433-2367 Monday through Sunday 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM EST. 

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