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 The list of monthly subscription boxes! Monthly box subscriptions are convenient, exciting, fun, and often you'll receive products at significant discounts. If you prefer the old directory, try using the grid/list toggle to swap to text listings of all the boxes, and look for more updates over the coming months!

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  • img_557099455abdb

    Stitch Fix

    R $20.00 monthly

    Create your style profile and get 5 stylist selected pieces – clothing & accessories – a month. Monthly “fixes” available. Now offering maternity & petites!

  • img_5575b34d57745


    R S C $10.00 monthly

    Birchbox is a discovery box that will send you 5 samples or full-size products. Earn rewards points by subscribing and reviewing your products that you can spend on full-size items on their site.

  • Messages Image(654880090)


    R S C $24.99 monthly

    Nail polish box and a beauty box. Get either 3 polishes, 2 polishes and a beauty product, or 2 beauty products per month. Totally customizable! You can swap out products, select add-ons, or upgrade your box (or skip!).

  • Messages Image(1678954943)

    Wantable Style Edit

    R $20.00 monthly

    Wantable Style sends 5 clothing selections handpicked by your style editor to try before you buy. Keep all 5 pieces save 25%! Fill out the style profile and never get anything on your “dislike” list.

  • Messages Image(691031011)

    Kiwi Crate

    R S C $20.00 monthly

    Arts, crafts, and science activities subscription for kids ages 3-7. Get a monthly subscription filled with all the materials and inspiration that will let your child explore, imagine, and create, all centered around a fun monthly theme!

  • img_557dbb044f292

    Little Lace Box

    R S C $59.99 bimonthly

    Get hand-curated, nearly impossible-to-find designer products directly to your doorstep every month. Your monthly box will be brimming with high-end, brand name beauty, lifestyle, and home product samples to treat yourself to and dazzle your friends during your next night out.

  • img_5596bf45b0e0a

    Gwynnie Bee

    R C $35.00 monthly

    Plus size clothing subscription rental service. Unlimited exchanges, free shipping & returns. Hot brands for curvy ladies sizes 10-32!

    Because this is a rental service, this is not quite a plus-size Stitch Fix. However, you can purchase the items you love, usually at a significant discount. We recommend trying it out for a month!

  • Messages Image(942580798)

    Rocks Box

    R C $19.00 monthly

    Unlimited jewelry rental subscription service. Take the style quiz and get 3 pieces in each shipment. Free shipping both ways, buy jewelry at 20% off!

  • Madison-Reed-Color-Kit

    Madison Reed

    R $30.00 per box

    Hair Color subscription! Long-lasting hair color packed with rich nutrients like keratin, argan oil and ginseng root extract. Your hair will feel stronger, shinier and better than before you colored. Formula is free of ammonia, resorcinol, and parabens, taking the harsh out of hair color. And it smells nice too! Set your subscription to exactly how often you need it!

  • Messages Image(1740193176)

    Golden Tote

    R S $49.00 monthly

    Golden Tote is a clothing surprise bag. Each month you’ll get either 5-7 clothing and accessories picks in your tote ($149) or 2-3 items ($49).

    In creating your Tote, Golden Tote allows you to select one item out of two for your first item ($49 tote) and two out of four for the larger tote. The Tote itself is reusable lightweight canvas!

    Sizes XS-Large. No individual returns but you can regift or exchange with friends. Alternatively you can return your entire order but you cannot return a single item or two.

  • img_5588b54c64fc2

    Bespoke Post

    R S C $45.00 monthly

    Curated theme box for men. Each luxury box delivers items centering around one central theme. Past boxes have included complete shoe care for professional men, unique accessories, bar mixology, tequila tasting, charcuterie entertaining, and more.

  • img_557dbe367b85b


    R C $29.00 monthly

    BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs. It ships 4+ products tailored to the size of your dog each month. Items include toys, gadgets, grooming essentials, leashes, and organic treats.  Can customize to receive chewer or allergy box!

  • Messages Image(1911945504)

    Hello Fresh

    R C $69.00 weekly

    Each week Hello Fresh delivers beautifully photographed step-by-step recipe cards, with the exact fresh ingredients needed to create a selection of new recipes.

  • img_558acc1d057bc

    Le Tote

    C $49.00 monthly

    Select the items you love. 3 garments and 2 accessories are delivered to your doorstep – wear everything for as long as you want. Send everything back and get your next tote immediately

  • Messages Image(1878128729)

    POPSUGAR Must Have Box

    R S C $39.95 monthly

    Seasonally themed must-haves selected by the POPSUGAR editors. Beauty, Home, Treats, Accessories, Jewelry, and Personal Care. Occasional luxury boxes for women, men, and home.

  • Messages Image(1563117494)

    Hamptons Lane

    R S C $47.00 monthly

    Each month, Hamptons Lane curates an amazing box of artisan foods, kitchen tools, and serveware for the food lover. Each month is different – spotlighting a different region, food, ingredient, skill, or activity – and you can always skip if you don’t want that month’s box, free of charge.

  • Messages Image(1566634533)


    R S C $21.00 monthly

    5 deluxe travel size beauty products a month. All luxury products.

  • Messages Image(694988049)

    Love with Food

    R S C $9.99 monthly

    Love with Food is a gourmet sampling and discovery subscriptionbox filled with 8+ gourmet treasures centered around a monthly theme. The deluxe box contains 16-20 items.

  • Messages Image(1851502078)

    FabFitFun VIP Box

    R S C $49.99 quarterly

    FabFitFun VIP subscription box is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box from FabFitFun. The VIP box features a mix of beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products that help you feel good from the inside out. The box includes full-size products and premium items worth over $100.

  • img_557dbf31f000e

    Bean Box

    R C $20.00 monthly

    Bean Box features freshly roasted coffee from Seattle’s top artisan roasters. Each Sampler box ($20) contains four unique samples from different roasters every month. Or, order the Bag box and get 1 12 oz bag every month ($20), or twice a month ($34). Order more of your faves from the shop!

  • img_557dbf1758dc4


    R C $49.00 monthly

    Offers a range of super-food based supplements: daily nutrient pack, superfood powder and superfood chocolate bar. No specific diet to follow, can be used to enhance a whole-food based diet that focuses on avoiding artificial sweeteners. New products include superfood snack trail mix, multiple flavors of chocolate, and dried coconut water powder!

  • img_557db6e01f49a

    Club W

    R C $45.00 monthly

    Each month Club W will make new recommendations for you based on your 5 question Palate Profile and previous wine ratings. Go with their suggestions or make your own selections from the ever-changing assortment. Club W works directly with wine makers. There are no middlemen, which means you get better wine for less.

  • Messages Image(1266589458)

    New Beauty TestTube

    R S C $38.00 bimonthly

    Six times a year receive a TestTube filled with deluxe and full-size beauty products – top brands, time-tested formulas and targeted innovations. Subscribers receive a subscription to NewBeauty magazine, delivered quarterly.

  • img_557dba053e74e

    Doodle Crate

    R C $20.00 monthly

    Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for DIY projects that encourage kids to tackle new challenges and gain creative confidence! Ages 9 to 16+ This box is also excellent for adults who love to craft and learn new techniques.

  • img_557dba2f2975c

    Tinker Crate

    R C $20.00 monthly

    Tinker Crate help kids gain crucial STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills through hands-on activities that are also seriously fun. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for a super-cool project. Ages 9 to 14+

  • Messages Image(1512809686)

    Wantable Makeup

    R $40.00 monthly

    Makeup boxes have 3-5 full-size premium makeup products selected by a makeup artist or stylist and application tips. Your first Collection is $40 and after your “keep all” credit, every month afterwards is $36. You’ll receive 3-5 items and a happiness guarantee. If you love them all, they’re yours to keep at no additional cost. If you’re not in love, returns are easy and free for domestic customers.

  • Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.41.21 PM

    Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

    R S C $19.95 monthly

    Get 4-7 100% cruelty-free and vegan beauty products ranging from skincare to haircare to cosmetic items.

  • img_5596c01157d2b


    R C $14.95 monthly

    Each month you will receive an 8ml purse spray filled with the perfume of your choice – with tons of designer scents to choose from. About the size of a rollerball, this is enough perfume to apply twice daily for 30 days. Every month after that you'll get a vial with your refill.

  • Scent-Trunk-Women

    Scent Trunk for Women

    R C $18.00 monthly

    We don’t wear the same clothes every day, so why wear the same scent? With Scent Trunk, you get a variety of fragrances, every month. Better yet, they customize each box to your unique tastes, so you’ll love every box. You fill out a Profile which let’s the Scent Trunk team know what you like, then, they scour the world to find the most unique fragrances which will suit you. Fragrance is the ultimate fashion accessory!

    Men’s box also available.

  • img_5596bf690d013


    R S $18.00 monthly

    Get 3 niche, unique fragrances curated around a theme. Purchase a full bottle that month and credit your box price against the cost of the fragrance.

  • img_558c3db23551f

    Every Day Happy

    C $15.00 monthly

    EveryDay Happy is a new subscription service. Their Kits offer a monthly subscription to a variety of premium, eco-friendly EverydayHappy products, all of which are delivered straight to your door. You can save up to 40% by choosing to bundle and decide when and how often your Kit ships. Cancel anytime!

  • Messages Image(1056865181)

    Five Four Club

    R C $60.00 monthly

    Create a style profile and get monthly packages up to 75% off retail. Shop for 60 seconds and never have to shop again. Personal styling and shopping with easy exchanges.

  • img_5596bf690d013

    Olfactif Men’s

    R S C $18.00 monthly

    Get 3 niche, unique fragrances curated around a theme. Each collection will feature three traditionally masculine scents from the niche world. Purchase a full bottle that month and credit your box price against the cost of the fragrance.

    The subscription is ideal for men who love to smell great but are bored with smelling like everybody else–and ideal for women who want to purchase a unique, high-end gift for the men in their lives

  • Messages Image(1386762639)

    Candy Club

    R $35.00 monthly

    Each month, you’ll receive a selection of 2-3 lbs. of your favorite candies, a splash of goodies, and a special bonus treat.

  • Mystery-Photo-Moxie

    Moxie Mystery

    $47.00 per box

    Mystery clothing bags and totes packed full of stylish surprises based upon your style profile. Box options start at $47. Luxe Boxes (the most popular) start at $59 for two apparel pieces and a vegan leather handbag.  New surprises monthly, so you can order each month without duplicates. Personalized service and swap group too!

  • img_5588b5be85419


    R S C $25.00 monthly

    Each month, CurlKit sends out a selection of 6-9 samples that their team of online experts, researches and even tries themselves. In each CurlKit you’ll receive everything from pomades and conditioners to natural hair tools, from well-known brands as well as emerging gems.

  • img_557dbc2f19a35


    R S C $50.00 monthly

    Workout musts delivered to your door. Kate Hudson’s new line in collaboration with the JustFab family. Buy suggested looks, your own picks, or skip the month

  • Messages Image(280357338)

    Wantable Accessories

    R $40.00 monthly

    Accessories boxes contain 4-5 jewelry and accessory boutique items and expert accessorizing tips.  Your first Collection is $40 and after your “keep all” credit, every month afterwards is $36. You’ll receive 3-5 items and a happiness guarantee. If you love them all, they’re yours to keep at no additional cost. If you’re not in love, returns are easy and free for domestic customers.

  • img_55a1cac2db198

    Power Up Box

    R C $26.90 monthly

    Power Up Box is a monthly subscription service that includes geeky, gamer, and pop culture gear. Get an epic box every month with a “Christmas morning, gift opening experience,” 12 times a year! Get deluxe or power up to premium!

  • Messages Image(1211308327)

    Loot Crate

    R S C $19.95 monthly

    Lootcrate is a subscription box full of gamer-ific loot for geeks and gamers. Past crates have included figurines, candy, stickers, gift cards, accessories, more figurines, buttons, books, postcards, shirts, stickers, games, you name it, all with a geeky, game-y flair.

  • hero_outdoor_box_large

    Citrus Lane

    R S C $29.00 monthly

    A box of 5 great items per month for your child aged 0-5 years old. Items are tested and are always a hit.

  • img_557dbc9fd3ec7

    Koala Crate

    R C $20.00 monthly

    Koala Crate sparks kids’ natural creativity and curiosity while saving time for busy parents. Every crate includes all the materials and inspiration for projects related to a theme such as colors, transportation or safari. Crates are designed to give preschoolers exposure to new materials and new concepts that encourage hands-on learning and fun. Ages 3 to 4!

  • img_55a28ebe24d54

    Target Beauty Box

    $7.00 quarterly

    Try your favorite beauty products with the Target beauty box. Receive 5 sample size beauty products each quarter.  Try them, tote them, take them with you – we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

  • Messages Image(2063317807)

    Nina Garcia Quarterly Box

    S $100.00 quarterly

    Nina is an award-winning author, “Project Runway” judge, and the Creative Director of Marie Claire. She sends her favorite fashion finds, plus other cultural gems.

  • Messages Image(1939297161)

    Try The World

    R C $39.00 monthly

    Try The World delivers the best products coming from the greatest cities in the world, to your door! Go on an incredible journey across continents delivering some of the best products from the most exciting places on the planet. This box is delivered every 60 days!

  • Messages Image(776649586)


    5.00 out of 5
    $29.99 monthly

    Be prepared with BattlBox. We deliver survival and tactical gear monthly.

  • Men-Product-Photo

    Scent Trunk for Men

    R C $18.00 monthly

    We don’t wear the same clothes every day, so why wear the same scent? With Scent Trunk, you get a variety of fragrances, every month. Each box is customized to your unique tastes, so you’ll love every box. You fill out a Profile which let’s the Scent Trunk team know what you like, then, they scour the world to find the most unique fragrances which will suit you. Fragrance is the ultimate fashion accessory, and like fashion, we’re all different.

    Women’s box also available.

  • Messages Image(877890289)

    Birchbox Man

    R S C $20.00 monthly

    Birchbox Man offers grooming and lifestyle products in a monthly theme matching your profile. Items include haircare, body care, fragrance, electronics accessories, and dressing accessories.

  • Messages Image(950794256)


    R $75.00 monthly

    The Modern man’s pantry for food items. Receive 5-6 full-size super premium foods from around America in a premium wooden crate.

  • img_55943c7dc0ea1

    Level Up Box from Loot Crate

    R S $14.99 monthly

    New from Loot Crate: Level Up! Level Up is now available to everyone, even if you don’t already have a Loot Crate subscription. There are 3 options with premium, wearable accessories. The box will be themed along with the current Loot Crate theme.

    There are 3 options:

    • 2 pairs of themed socks for $9.99
    • 1 or 2 fashion accessories for lady looters (hairbow, cosmetics, jewelry) for $14.99
    • wearable item like a premium shirt or hat for $14.99

  • img_55914eb09ee86

    Sephora Sun Safety Kit

    R $32.00 per box

    A hand-picked 16-piece set featuring SPF and self-tanning products to keep you protected from head to toe, plus a reusable travel bag. $20 from the sale of each kit benefits The Skin Cancer Foundation.

  • Messages Image(1818278771)

    Owl Crate

    $36.00 monthly

    OwlCrate is a subscription service that sends you magical monthly boxes tailored to a chosen theme. Each OwlCrate will contain one new Young Adult novel, as well as 3-5 other bookish treats to help you get your nerd on.

  • Messages Image(752258215)

    Homegrown Collective

    R C $48.00 monthly

    Receive seasonally appropriate, professionally curated products that deliver the satisfaction of living a more self-sufficient & sustainable lifestyle to your doorstep each month. Homegrown Collective makes greening your life more accessible and more fun.

  • Messages Image(1615357985)

    Darby Smart

    R C $19.00 monthly

    Select a monthly subscription (always awesome), a delightful craft kit curated by a single designer, or supplies! Kits include chic materials and easy instructions and except for the monthly surprise subscription, you can preview the kit before purchasing!

  • img_5588b6c012275

    Smart Art Box

    C $49.95 monthly

    Smart Art provides artists with diverse high quality materials that inspire and nourish creativity. Each month subscribers receive a new box featuring a different artist that highlights their time period, 8-11 trial/full sized art supplies, a suggested project and a detailed pamphlet introducing a new art medium.

  • Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 2.55.21 PM

    Adore Me

    R S C $39.95 monthly

    Sexy & sultry lingerie subscription! Choose from various bra & panty sets or sexy sleepwear. Extended sizes – plus and cup sizes.

  • Messages Image(990014741)


    R S C $23.90 monthly

    A monthly mystery box of at least $40 worth of geeky goodness! Exclusive games, toys, gear, collectibles, and all things epic.

  • Messages Image(1442273417)

    Darby Girl

    R $19.00 bimonthly

    From fashion accessories to room décor and more, every project is carefully curated just for Girls Life readers and inspired by favorite new trends. Each Craft Club box contains everything you need to make something amazing.

  • Messages Image(1053101562)

    FL2:Fabletics Men

    S C $25.00 monthly

    Premier pieces for men to work out, play and live in. Workout, sports, and athletic musts delivered to your door.  Buy suggested looks, your own picks, or skip the month.

  • img_557dbce58370a

    Will Wheaton Quarterly Box

    $100.00 quarterly

    Wil Wheaton is the creator, producer, and host of the award-winning gaming series Tabletop. He’s the author of books including Just A Geek and The Happiest Days of Our Lives. He’s an award-winning audiobook narrator, and the creator of his award-winning blog at  Wil wants to send you exclusive, amazing, quirky surprises in the mail!